DEG partnered with a window replacement company, with affiliate offices all over the country, to upgrade its corporate marketing email report.

You’ve likely heard the famous quote from merchant and “pioneer of marketing” John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Proving ROI is still one of the more important challenges a marketing team faces. This is often due to bad reporting, either because companies don’t know where to look, or the data is not presented properly.

Correctly identifying a return on your marketing efforts can become even more complicated for major brands with subsidiaries or franchises. Which is why one national window replacement company sought to simplify its process.

The Ask

The brand has approximately 80 affiliates (franchises) across the country, and provides each affiliate with an opportunity to purchase a marketing subscription package, allowing corporate to send out marketing materials on its behalf. Each quarter, affiliates then received quarterly reports displaying the amount of revenue attributed to the corporate marketing efforts.

Yet the brand saw an opportunity to update the program and develop a more efficient approach to drive better engagement. So, the company tasked its email and analytics partner, DEG to analyze how the program could be revitalized overall, including dynamically populating and automating the reporting process to be able to deploy more frequently.

The Answer

Initially, the challenge was to take sales data from the brand’s proprietary CRM and marry it with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a way that was both visually appealing and easy to read. After identifying crucial attribution improvements, DEG also learned that affiliates were receiving the same sing report, with very little guidance on how to navigate the complex output.

DEG and the brand architected a customized report for each store, which was delivered straight to the affiliate’s inbox.

In order to simplify the experience, DEG and the brand architected a customized report for each store, which was delivered straight to the affiliate’s inbox. The email, now sent monthly, provides a relevant and personalized snapshot of the affiliate’s marketing returns, as well as context to an additional level of program participation in which the affiliate may want to take advantage.

The customized data includes year-to-date performance and revenue added in the last month, a recap of the appointments and projects sold, lead and revenue trends, and campaign performance. The revamped email’s design removed the excel spreadsheet and replaced it with a visually engaging, infographic-style email snapshot that could be easily consumed, as well as allow DEG and the brand to connect the report to future online analytics data.

With the new email report, affiliates were provided a distilled view of the information that was important to their program participation, as well as a high-level view of the program’s performance overall.

The Results

The many features of the brand’s corporate marketing program, including the updated email report, has steadily converted the company’s affiliates. More than 60 of the 80 national affiliates are now members of the brand’s lead nurture program, an increase of 15 from 2016 to 2017.

This increased involvement allows the program to display greater transparency, while the brand’s corporate teams can better interact with its affiliates. DEG and the window replacement company are now looking to enhance the experience further, gathering affiliate feedback on additional data and features that would be helpful.

Thanks to the new email report, the brand’s affiliates now have a leg up on John Wanamaker by knowing exactly how well their marketing money is performing.

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