ShotTracker partnered with DEG to create video content to raise brand awareness for the basketball technology company’s apps.

Sports fans don’t simply want to watch the game, they want to experience it—especially when cheering on your favorite basketball team. Analytics are becoming an increasing aspect of that experience. So, when you can get even more stats breaking down every aspect of the game in real time, you jump for it.

The Challenge

Introducing ShotTracker, a sensor-based system that automatically captures real-time basketball statistical and performance analytics. By providing coaches, players, fans, and broadcast partners an incredible, data-driven experience, ShotTracker is changing the way we view live sporting events. The company sought to share this experience with the world, and partnered with DEG to create video content to raise brand awareness for ShotTracker’s apps—one of which is for coaches and team, and the other for fans.

ShotTracker’s main goal was to raise awareness of its Fan app by creating the company’s first TV spot, with a secondary goal of driving downloads from the app store. The biggest challenge was condensing the vast amount of information provided by the app into a short and engaging video that would resonate with the audience.

The Opportunity 

As an advanced statistics platform with engaging visual qualities, the ShotTracker Fan app could easily capture the attention of an avid basketball viewing audience when introduced to the right audience with the right message.

The Insight

Sports fanatics don’t simply watch the game, they live for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience. This includes understanding everything about their favorite teams—from how each player is performing in real time to following along with a 3-D game cast when they can’t watch the game in person or on TV.

The Strategy

In order to sell a new way to experience basketball and introduce a new mobile app to fans, DEG needed to balance a message of information and excitement, while leaving the audience with something to remember. The video also needed to make fans feel like they were a part of the action, immersing them in the new game experience.

DEG sought to accomplish this by using a friendly, trusted face to introduce the app, while showcasing the best features of the app from the perspective of fans in the stands at a live basketball game.

DEG highlighted the best of the Fan App—its statistics and analytics capabilities and real-time 3-D game cast—using motion graphics and animation overlaying a live game.

The Solution

With only 30 seconds to explain a new, technology-driven product, DEG highlighted the best of the Fan App—its statistics and analytics capabilities and real-time 3-D game cast. Using motion graphics and animation overlaying a live game, the spot seamlessly transitioned from an introduction by basketball mega personality Dwayne Young to fans using the app’s biggest features while watching a live game.

The TV spot ran on ESPN during NCAA basketball 2018 Hall of Fame Classic, which was sponsored by ShotTracker, and continues to be promoted across all of the brand’s digital channels.

The Outcome

After the spot aired on ESPN, the iOS and Android Fan app installations increased by 10x, with users averaging 3-4 minutes in the app per session. In the two days after the first airing, the video garnered 30K impressions on the ShotTracker Fan app landing page and the app went from unranked to No. 68 in the sports category.

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