From its singular styling and classic amenities to the little touches it provides its guests, Park Hyatt strives to provide its guests with luxurious experiences. But the definition of luxury is not a universal one. Luxury is personal, which is why Park Hyatt partnered with DEG to provide its guests with an unexpected look into the life of luxury, while shining a light on all that Park Hyatt has to offer.

The Ask

Park Hyatt needed a social strategy that solidified it as a premium provider of contemporary luxury, clearly defining it in the marketplace and keeping Park Hyatt top of mind for travelers seeking out luxury wherever they can find it.

The Response

Leaning on its technical prowess and smarter approach to digital engagement, DEG empowered Park Hyatt to pursue an analytics-led social media strategy that would bring a personal touch to luxury by letting Park Hyatt’s guests create their own “Luxury List.” Visitors to the DEG-created could choose from a collection of images that showed traditional and even some non-conventional takes on luxury. Guests were also invited to share personal images and descriptions of luxury on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #MYLUXLIST and #PARKHYATT, some of which were displayed on the MyLuxList website. DEG partnered with other agencies to gain an estimated 53-million impressions through a six-month paid media campaign, ensuring the luxury of Park Hyatt was in the eyes of customers all across the country.

The Result

Park Hyatt’s MyLuxList debuted ahead of schedule to rave reviews and enhanced engagement from its guests. Within minutes of launch, #MYLUXLIST tweets and images flowed in from around the world – everything from a well-prepared cheese board to a 24-hour surf concierge – providing a truly unique look into the minds and preferences of its guests. With this integrated social strategy, Park Hyatt and DEG have gone a long way toward proving Park Hyatt’s belief that “luxury is personal.”