Social media is a crystal ball for understanding what consumers honestly think about products. Social media users engage in the digital space to share their views on whatever is on their minds, including their thoughts on brands they come in contact with on a daily basis. Clothing is one of those highly discussed subjects, with everyone from teenagers to fashion influencers commenting on the latest trends and styles.

The Ask

Lee Jeans, an international denim and casual wear retailer, wanted to know what customers were saying about jean brands and the jeans industry as a whole. What jean-related topics are customers talking about the most? What trends were getting people talking? How do people feel when purchasing jeans? All of these questions were important for Lee to understand as it attempted to better connect with customers. The company performed surveys and focus groups, but DEG, a full-service digital agency and one of Inc. Magazine’s “25 Companies Changing the World,” presented the idea of a social listening audit as the optimal solution to Lee’s challenge.

A key insights DEG found was the emotional attachment between a customer and the act of purchasing jeans.

The Answer

DEG didn’t use a crystal ball, but instead utilized Salesforce Social Studio – a service that allows companies to listen, analyze, and engage with customers – as well as its Radian 6 technology. DEG’s social team pulled two years of historical data, evaluating the platforms where the majority of the commentary was coming from (Facebook, blogs, etc.), and what was causing spikes in conversations. The data was condensed to the United States and the query-based research was narrowed using keywords to target social channels and Lee’s industry.

The Result

One of the key insights DEG learned was the emotional attachment between a customer and the act of purchasing jeans. Customers don’t just buy jeans; they commit to jeans, and there are ways to make this commitment easier for consumers. Along with presenting this information, DEG offered strategies on how to capitalize on actionable opportunities stemming from these results, arming Lee with not only information, but a tactical approach to maximizing the information’s potential. DEG was able to provide Lee with a clearer look into the minds of its customers, building a greater connection with its audience without the help of a crystal ball.

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