Along with being a nationwide propane provider, Ferrellgas aims to be a good neighbor to each of its million customers, engraining itself in the communities it serves and ensuring its neighbors’ homes remain heated.

Social media is the most effective way for Ferrellgas to showcase its neighborly spirit by listening to and engaging with its customers — while also supporting the employees located in those communities — through friendly, knowledgeable, and shareable content.

The Ask

Social media is the most effective way for Ferrellgas to listen to and engage with its customers.

DEG has partnered with Ferrellgas for a number of years to provide marketing services assisting the national propane brand in better reaching its wide and diverse customer base. In 2015, these services included DEG taking over the brand’s social strategy.

Already aware of Ferrellgas’ social media focal points and needs, the agency recommended Social Studio, Salesforce’s social relationship management tool, as the best solution to scale the brands’ social media efforts. Whether posting to channels, responding to followers, or looking for customers who are dissatisfied with a competitor, Social Studio would create more efficiencies and smoother workflows through more relevant customer engagement strategies.

The Answer

Being able to more easily listen to customers is a good starting point, but furthering the conversation and incorporating the data those customers provide in their engagement is the key to successful social marketing. DEG, a long-time Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner that had implemented the tool for national brands, not only performed the Social Studio implementation, but also trained the Ferrellgas team on how to optimize the experience to get the most out of its social channels.

The implementation included Social Studio’s Publish, Engage, Analyze functionality, allowing Ferrellgas to schedule, post, and track content across social channels from one central location. This allows Ferrellgas to get both mass and personalized information out to customers quickly and effectively. The tool’s features also included a real-time marketing calendar, engagement dashboard, automation engine, and paid social integrations.

DEG also used its knowledge of both Social Studio and Ferrellgas’ business to customize the account to best fit Ferrellgas’ needs. The agency set up brand-specific workspaces, configured Ferrellgas’ social profiles, formed social listening topic profiles, and created engagement dashboards in a way that was personalized to the brand and its needs.

The Result

As with any marketing tool, the real value is not just in the tool itself, but in how it is utilized to boost the overall channel strategy. Ferrellgas and DEG collaborated to not only implement a new social media hub, but also ladder the platform back up to Ferrellgas’ overall social strategies.

Ferrellgas has used Social Studio to identify and reach out to its competitors’ unhappy customers to earn their business.

The brand’s commitment to listening and engaging with the communities it serves not only builds trust, but has opened up new business opportunities. Since using the platform, the Ferrellgas team has discovered the benefit of utilizing the social listening functionality to identify when its competitions’ customers are unhappy, and then is able to reach out asking for a chance to earn the customer’s business. It’s just one way that Social Studio has allowed Ferrellgas to reach, communicate with, and listen to a nation of customers from one convenient location, boosting its stature as a good neighbor.

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