Whether they’re sneakers, boots, heels, or iconic clogs, shoes from Crocs, Inc., offer customers innovation, fun, and personality to match their lifestyles. The company’s modern email marketing strategy mirrors its approach to footwear: delivering style, fit, and relevance for each individual within the subscriber base.

Thanks to its partnership with DEG, Crocs discovered the potential of responsive email design to help achieve its digital communications goals. The already-challenging mission had grown even more complex as subscribers increasingly accessed direct communications on mobile devices along with their computers. Emails optimized for desktop screen real estate and interactivity via mouse, for example, could not seamlessly translate to much smaller phones. Crocs knew its subscribers deserved a different experience.

DEG devised an inventive new Crocs email template coded to proactively recognize the device a subscriber was using and dynamically present the images, content, and links in the manner best suited to the device. With its migration toward responsive email design, Crocs can now optimize email communication by device, improving the overall experience for consumers.

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