Pick whichever analogy you’d like to compare—the Super Bowl, Christmas, the release of the latest Taylor Swift album—Beauty Brand’s eight-week Liter Sale is its biggest event of the year. A sale of this magnitude brings with it massive amount of hype, which Beauty Brands was not just ready for, but used to its advantage.

The Ask

With its Super Bowl approaching, Beauty Brands wanted to spread the word about the Liter Sale, which ran from June to August, across every available medium. The brand turned to DEG to create a cross-channel campaign that promoted the sale in an entertaining and effective way, while maintaining consistent messaging for the brand. Thus, Liter Sale Laney was born.

The Answer

In the span of a week, and with the sale coming up fast, DEG created its concept for the campaign, which embraced the hype of the event by giving the sale its fictional number-one fan: Liter Sale Laney.

In the span of a week from initial assignment to concept to approval—and with the sale coming up fast—DEG created its concept for the campaign, which embraced the hype of the event by giving the Liter Sale its fictional number-one fan: Liter Sale Laney. Laney channeled the excitement felt from Beauty Brands’ core audience, taking it to the extreme—including weight training with liter bottles and decking out her car for the event—using her fandom to not only promote the event, but to drive action.

Laney stormed across Beauty Brands’ channels, appearing in video, imagery, and audio across TV, radio, social and paid media, and email. Again, the turnaround was rapid, as the campaign was live within two months of Laney being conceptualized, with DEG leading creative and strategic aspects. Understanding that a 30-second TV spot, while important, was just one aspect of a larger plan for success, DEG also used two days of video shoots to collect more than 30 pieces of video content engineered to live digitally and enhance the campaign, including vertical video, gifs, and cinemagraphs. These efforts focused on sending customers both into the stores and to Beauty Brands’ ecommerce site to make purchase online.

On social, Beauty Brands’ Liter Sale campaign’s  combined organic and paid efforts drew more than 15 million impressions and more than 1.5 million engagements.

Social media was a main driving force for the promotion, utilizing several tactics to engage customers. Along with general promotional posts, DEG and Beauty Brands relied on social listening to target conversations around shampoo and conditioner, searching for opportunities to insert Beauty Brands into the relevant conversation. The brand engaged with the conversation using campaign gifs and by providing product recommendations.

With the length of the campaign feeling more like a marathon than a sprint, DEG closely monitored performance throughout the eight weeks of the Liter Sale. The agency’s channel strategists adjusted in real-time to ensure Beauty Brands was providing the most relevant and impactful content.

“Our DEG partners are fully committed to their work. With a blend of their knowledge, dedication, ingenuity, and open collaboration, Liter Sale Laney was born,” said Nicole Lowry, Senior Director of Marketing at Beauty Brands. “Liter Laney embodies the spirit of our Liter Sale campaign from every angle. From the anticipation of the sale to the thrill of savings post purchase, she radiates the excitement that our customers experience every year when they stock up on their favorites.”

The Results

Liter Sale Laney’s excitement was contagious, as customers not only engaged with the campaign, but also purchased the products. Laney’s success lead to Beauty Brands exceeding its sales plan and growing ecommerce revenue by more than 50 percent. On social, combined organic and paid efforts drew more than 15 million impressions and more than 1.5 million engagements. Laney may arguably be the Liter Sale’s number-one fan, but it’s clear that she has some competition, or at least a larger fan base, after this year’s event.

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