DEG partnered with a national fashion retailer to create a commerce website that perfectly showcased the brand’s signature cool aesthetic.

Finding a good pair of jeans is hard. Most people wade endlessly through stores and try on what feels like hundreds of pairs before they finally find “the one”—but this wasn’t the case for two British transplants. When they couldn’t find a decent pair of jeans in New York City, they formed a label and made their own.

Since its origins, this American fashion label has been continuously redefining urban style with its expertly crafted clothing inspired by British heritage and modern design.

The Ask

This is a brand that doesn’t follow trends, it creates them—and not just with its clothing. The label has flawlessly transferred its “cool” aesthetic to its digital presence and leverages it to drive awareness and loyalty in a variety of ways. But the brand’s popularity was causing technical difficulties for its website and deterring its ecommerce growth.

When the label was ready to upgrade its digital flagship store, it called DEG for assistance.

The Answer

DEG wanted to create a site that eliminated long-standing technical issues and provided the brand’s audience with a flawless user experience. To accomplish this, DEG built a new, mobile-first site that redefined how customers interact with the brand and its products. To create a smoother ordering experience and to better support their ecommerce team, DEG implemented a number of integrations, including a fit-guided search experience, Apple Pay, PayPal, Pepperjam, Visa Checkout, Amex Checkout, Cybersource, and Radial.

DEG and the retailer built a website that delivers an incredibly curated experience tailored to the device that the customer is using.

To stay in line with the label’s trendsetting tendencies, DEG built a VIP-only flash-sale site on top of the new site’s core codebase. The flash-sale site provided authorized shoppers with access to limited edition, limited availability products and the brand used this unique experience to drive engagement with its most active shoppers and to gain new, influential customers.

The Results

DEG and the label’s renovations resulted in a fresh website that perfectly showcases the brand’s signature cool aesthetic. The mobile-first design allows the brand to deliver an incredibly curated experience, tailored to the device that the customer is using, and DEG’s ecommerce integrations simplified the ordering process for the brand’s customers and its ecommerce team. Now, this American label’s updated website fits the brand even better than the perfect pair of jeans.

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