Social media is a crystal ball for understanding what consumers honestly think about your products. Your brand is constantly being discussed, whether you know it or not, so communicating and building a relationship with your customers in the moment is crucial. DEG’s social content strategy and execution elevates brand recognition and generates positive discussion with followers to keep you firmly in the conversation.

Mastering the Moment

We understand our clients’ customers in order to create strategic, provocative, and actionable messages that have the most impact in every moment.

Shaping Conversations

Not only should you be listening to the conversations taking place around your brand, but with the right social strategy, you can shape and capitalize on this discussion in the moment to grow your business and your perception from your customers. DEG understands how to get you seen, heard, and liked in order to best position your brand for success.

We accomplish this through:

  • Workflow design and process playbooks
  • Brand, social, profile, and presence auditing
  • Social customer service solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and sentiment reports
  • Training and custom toolkits
  • Governance and workflow

A Voice Worth Hearing

Social channels can feel like shouting matches. DEG’s content development and strategy results in relevant engagement and direct, dynamic connections with your social community that stands out above the noise. We build and focus your brand voice, grow your communities, and generate buzz around your products.

We offer:

  • Campaign execution
  • Channel and content strategy
  • Social commerce development
  • Community management
  • Blog strategy and development services
  • Customer service strategies
  • Commerce development
  • Platform development and integrations
  • Application development

Right Messages, Big Results

DEG’s award-winning social media team speaks the language and has a history of bringing measurable results to national brands. Our strategies have garnered national recognition as we craft the right message for the right customers on every channel.

Work With Us

Our approach has empowered local, national, and global brands to grow their businesses and achieve a competitive advantage, and we can do the same for you. Let us show you how we can capitalize on every moment you have with your customers.

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