Training Course Catalog

You’ve decided Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the right tool to help you better communicate and engage with customers. But do you know the ins and outs of the platform to make the most of the investment? DEG offers a variety of training courses focused on the numerous tools and applications available within Marketing Cloud.

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Essential Courses

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The following courses are intended for anyone looking to learn elements that are essential to getting started in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Essentials

Course duration: 6-hour virtual session or 8-hour on-site training

Get a comprehensive overview of Marketing Cloud features and its uses in managing subscribers, tracking data flow, deploying email campaigns, building audiences, and generating reports. The structure of the session includes:

  1. Email Studio
  2. Content Builder
  3. A/B testing
  4. Automation Studio
  5. Tracking sends
  6. Reporting

Journey Builder Essentials

Course duration: 2-hour virtual session or on-site training

Gain an understanding of how Journey Builder works, and learn how to build a journey by configuring Contact Builder. Training will be delivered in a test account.

Mobile Connect Essentials

Course duration: 2-hour virtual session or on-site training | Prerequisite: account configuration and/or Marketing Cloud Essentials course

Dive deeper into the MobileConnect feature available in the Marketing Cloud, including:

  • Creating, scheduling, and deploying SMS in MobileConnect
  • Creating and modifying lists and contacts

AMPscript Essentials

Course duration: 6-8 hour virtual session or on-site training | Prerequisite: enterprise account configuration

Discover how to leverage the programmatic marketing content functionality in Marketing Cloud using AMPscript, including:

  • Personalization versus variables best practices
  • Base-level script usage in emails
  • Basic data functions
  • IF/THEN statements
  • Concatenations
  • Advanced formatting functions
  • Lookup tables for complex dynamic content execution

Email Creation Within Content Builder

Course duration: 2-hour virtual session or on-site training

Gain an understanding of how to create emails with Content Builder, including building and managing content templates and images.

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