Building an impactful relationship with your customers means you can’t just gather information, you must also be able to use it. A successful CRM solution generates value for your business, reveals insights leveraged by marketing efforts, empowers sales to convert leads, and is a trusted source of information. A CRM solution must not simply work; it must do work.

Mastering the Moment

We understand our clients’ customers in order to create strategic, provocative, and actionable messages that have the most impact in every moment.

Meet Your Customers

With DEG’s CRM services, customer data becomes organizational fuel. We implement a solution that not only captures your leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities, but allows your business to use this data in meaningful contexts to reach customers in every moment of their journey. DEG works to understand your business, your industry, and your customers, and applies this intelligence to bring you and your customers closer than you’ve ever been.

We accomplish this through:

  • Industry research
  • Business and customer analysis
  • Current state assessment
  • Future state envisioning
  • Gap analysis
  • Systems integrator implementation practices
  • Organizational and business consumer change management

Valuable Solutions

DEG’s talented team can deliver solutions to meet your CRM, community, and platform or application needs. Our consultants and developers have the expertise and experience to tackle any challenge, and most importantly, enjoy turning challenges into opportunities by delivering value-added solutions.

We offer:

  • Salesforce CRM implementations
  • Salesforce CRM audits
  • Salesforce CRM advisory and support services
  • Marketing Cloud Connect implementations
  • Single view of the customer initiatives
  • Community strategy and implementations
  • Platform and application strategy and implementations

Salesforce Focus

DEG is an expert in the Salesforce technology platform, including configuration, custom development, and integrations. A Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner and the first digital agency invested in by Salesforce Ventures, we utilize this knowledge to creatively apply technology, allowing you to capitalize on all of the information provided to you by your customers.

Work With Us

Our approach has empowered local, national, and global brands to grow their businesses and achieve a competitive advantage, and we can do the same for you. Let us show you how we can capitalize on every moment you have with your customers.

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