Providing an intuitive communications channel for employees, vendors, and customers gives organizations a competitive edge. DEG’s portals and collaboration solutions make communication more efficient and effective, connecting your employees together via a corporate intranet and more.

Enterprise Collaboration

With the increasing ability to work from anywhere in the world, interoffice communication is more important than ever. This doesn’t mean simply sharing a file or checking the status of a project. DEG’s enterprise collaboration tools make communication more powerful, engaging your employees and linking them together, no matter where they happen to be.

Pushing Business Forward

Collaboration is about more than allowing employees to communicate with one another and company leadership. DEG’s collaboration solutions help organizations progress their business by transforming data into actionable information, where the right person can view it at the right moment.

We accomplish this through:

  • Business process management and automation
  • Intranet redesign
  • Digital workplace solutions
  • User experience expertise
  • Governance and workflow design
  • Single sign-on strategy
  • Social business fundamentals and strategies
  • Streamlined systems
  • Office 365

Full-Service Solution Development

DEG employs a number of tools – from SharePoint 2016 and Sitecore to our own Dialogue portal solution – in order to organize and streamline the management of your content. Our knowledge of systems integration, user experience, search technology, single sign-on, and automation will allow you to quickly reach those who need important information, while giving them the chance to share real-time feedback.

We offer:

  • Portal strategy and development
  • Award-winning creative interface design
  • Collaboration strategies
  • Systems integration
  • Highly customized SharePoint deployments
  • Portal content development
  • Search technology consulting
  • Customized collaboration

Microsoft Partnership

DEG’s Microsoft-certified team of SharePoint developers and consultants utilizes its deep expertise to create governable and social intranets, customer-facing portals, and compelling extranets that are highly customizable to become an extension of your brand.

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Our depth of experience and resources in user experience, user interface design, custom development, product platform knowledge, and systems integration enables organizations to surface the critical content, data, and messaging to the right people.

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