As a Sitecore Solutions Partner, DEG blends impactful marketing strategy and top-of-the-line engineering to customize, integrate, and tailor Sitecore to your marketing needs.

Innovative solution expertise

DEG has been successfully delivering content management solutions for major brands since 1999. Our team of talented creative, user experience, project management, strategic consulting, and technical experts includes 32 Sitecore-certified global resources, featuring one Sitecore MVP.

Sitecore integrations and special customizations

DEG works as an extension of your team to determine, build, and enhance the content management solution that’s right for the growth of your business and needs of your customers.

Sitecore integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Data integrations
  • Social integrations
  • Financial calculators
  • Career and job management tools
  • Multi-site implementations

Special customizations

  • Geolocation
  • Search
  • Commerce
  • Analytics
  • User experience
  • Traffic management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and CRM integrations with Sitecore

As a 15-year Salesforce Consulting Partner, DEG’s teams are well versed in Salesforce technology and how its platforms integrate with Sitecore to synchronize data and better understand customer interactions across all channels.

DEG’s Sitecore accelerator

DEG’s Sitecore engineers have developed Elision, an open-source development accelerator framework that efficiently streamlines the process to construct sites with the latest best practices and technology. Created in 2014, tested over several major projects, and now available on GitHub, Elision works by configuring Sitecore project assets for atomic web design, making recommendations for composition- or component-based templating.

Elision’s benefits include:

  • Allowing for design and coding consistency across complex sites
  • Making support easier and reduces risk in upgrades
  • Being built according to Helix practices

In addition, we offer a standardized service delivery methodology that ensures quality and consistency, while delivering custom projects on time.

Top strategies for Sitecore services

Are you facing a complex site design with a variety of page layout requirements and functionalities? Need to centralize your data flows and reporting across multiple channels? Need customizations, but concerned about timelines and complexity? DEG can customize a Sitecore solution with the integrations and on the launch schedule you need. Learn more >

Building relationships that last

With more than 20 years of experience building content management solutions for local, national, and global brands, DEG creates optimal strategies that grow businesses. Our focus is on the long-term support of clients with our global team of resources providing global-local expertise that produces results.

Selected DEG Sitecore Resources

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