Looking for better customer engagement and conversions? A Sitecore Solutions Partner since 2012, DEG blends first-class marketing strategy and top-of-the-line engineering to tailor the platform to your marketing needs.

Customer Journey and Content Strategy

Driving conversions means delivering the right content to the right customer, at the right time, in the right channel. Sitecore offers your enterprise the ultimate in marketing flexibility – and a data-driven understanding of customer journeys is critical in leveraging the platform successfully.

DEG offers a comprehensive team of strategic planners, channel strategists, user experience designers, and analytics experts. We can advise you on how best to leverage Sitecore’s personalization and other capabilities to develop a comprehensive picture of customer journeys, and get you on track to meet your marketing goals.

Mastering the Moment

We understand our clients’ customers in order to create strategic, provocative, and actionable messages that have the most impact in every moment.

Sitecore Implementations

Our Sitecore team works on everything from new builds, redesigns, and upgrades, to technical audits of existing implementations (including code implementation, CMS organization, SEO, and traffic analytics). We have been working on the platform since version 6.5, and our most recent builds are in 9.0 XP.

Core team. Our team is anchored by certified Sitecore engineers, plus a UI engineer, business analyst, and coordinator, all with extensive Sitecore experience. DEG also offers a full creative team, including designers and writers to help build your platform with the content you need to connect with customers.

Multi-site implementations. While we work at all licensing levels, we specialize in complex implementations, including one project that included six sites.

Clients. Our client base is concentrated in regulated industries selling products and services, such as Financial Services, Insurance, Energy/Utilities, and Healthcare.

Sitecore Development Accelerator

Are you facing a complex site design with a variety of page layout requirements and functionalities? DEG Sitecore engineers have developed Elision: an open-source development accelerator framework that efficiently streamlines the process to construct sites with the latest best practices and technology.

Created in 2014, tested over several major projects, and now available on GitHubElision works by configuring Sitecore project assets for atomic web design, making recommendations for composition- (or component-) based templating. Elision’s benefits include:

  • Allowing for design and coding consistency across complex sites.
  • Making support easier and reduces risk in upgrades.
  • Being built according to Helix practices.
  • Being downloaded more than 37,000 times on NuGet.

Integrations Capabilities

Need to centralize your data flows and reporting across multiple channels? We can customize Sitecore with the integrations you need.

SalesforceThrough the integration of Sitecore and Salesforce technologies into a centralized marketing hub, you can use the full capabilities of both platforms to deliver a personalized, cross-channel experience and see a more comprehensive view of your interactions with customers. As a Salesforce Platinum Partner with more than 75 dedicated Salesforce Marketing Cloud associates on staff, DEG has the expertise to help you sync up your visitor data to track the customer journey between website visits, direct marketing, and CRM.

Single Sign On (SSO). For when you need an authentication process that allows one user to transition seamlessly across multiple sites.

Data integrations. We specialize in custom web-service integrations involving product and customer data.

Additional. We’ve handled everything from social integrations and financial calculators to career and job management vendors.

Special Customizations & Services

Customized features and functionalities can help provide digital solutions for your particular business requirements.

Geolocation. Running an enterprise with multiple physical locations or representatives? Our custom JavaScript automated geolocation function offers additional flexibility in helping customers find your services.

Search. Do you have lots of content and/or products? We configure complex heuristic-faceted web searches that involve advanced filtering of data attributes.

Ecommerce. DEG offers in-depth ecommerce strategy to help you maximize all conversion points in a customer journey.

Analytics. Custom events, multi-platform reporting, customized tags to track multiple campaigns, market basket analyses – from Google Analytics, to Tableau and SPSS Modeler, our analysts and statisticians can help you track your data and configure predictive intelligence.

User Experience. User testing, interviewing, and optimization help refine the website as user needs continually evolve.

Traffic management. Our network services engineers can facilitate hosting and sizing discussions with Sitecore reps during the licensing process.

Standardized Service Delivery Methodology

Need customization, but concerned about timelines and complexity? The DEG standardized service delivery methodology ensures quality and consistency across our projects. This approach offers a framework and toolbox that DEG implementation teams tailor to your specific business needs, while also allowing our talented consultants the flexibility to create the innovative solutions that you require.

Adapting the best features of industry practices such as agile, scrum, and Kanban, our methodology also integrates the pragmatic experience gained over hundreds of projects across channels, such as email, web content, e-commerce, enterprise collaboration, mobile, and social media. From discovery through deployment, our project managers will leverage the DEG service delivery methodology to deliver a best-in-class solution that achieves your business goals.

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