It’s been proven time and again that it is cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. But retention isn’t that easy. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever and demand more relevant interactions; meaning brands must deliver relevant messaging to give customers a reason to come back. DEG and SessionM put your customer data front and center of every interaction to message to those customers across every digital channel and ensure your loyalty program rewards your biggest and best fans.

SessionM Expertise

SessionM works to forge stronger and more profitable relationships as a leading customer engagement and loyalty platform. SessionM provides a single view of the customer by unifying and enriching data from disparate sources, and encourages loyalty through a personalized, cross-channel experience using features such as customer scoring, segmentation, real-time attribution, loyalty automation, personalized offers, and geotargeting.

As a SessionM strategic partner, DEG is one of the only agencies that can implement the platform and create strategies and programs to push the messages to your audiences.

DEG’s services include:

  • SessionM implementations
  • Integration with POS and marketing platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Channel strategy in loyalty, ecommerce, email, paid media, social media, and more.
  • Analytics and ROI modeling
  • Strategic planning to create cohesive messaging across every channel

DEG Loyalty Team

Whether you’re looking to develop a loyalty program for the first time or want to improve on your existing strategies, DEG’s full-service team can assist your teams from implementation to ongoing services to keep your program engaging and profitable. Everything we do begins with data, and we create insights from that data in order to create strategies that cater to the customer experience you’re hoping to provide—in the moment your customers expect.

DEG’s team includes:

  • Data Analysts
  • Channel Strategists
  • Loyalty Managers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Interactive Designers and Copywriters

A Loyal Agency

DEG has a wealth of experience providing loyalty services for national brands across the retail, restaurant, and entertainment industries. Our team will help you better understand your loyalty needs and customize your strategies and services to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Work With Us

Let us show you how we can utilize your data and build and grow your loyalty program with SessionM to better engage with your best customers.