DEG, an Isobar Company customizes Magento Commerce solutions that engage customers across all devices and ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

Comprehensive commerce services

DEG’s commerce team has been building solutions for national and global brands, leveraging our creative, strategy, and technology expertise to grow businesses. Explore our services >

Comprehensive commerce strategy

Need to optimize your brand across all commerce touchpoints? Our team can advise you on how best to leverage Magento’s capabilities.

Customer journeys

Understanding your customers’ needs and behaviors means you can optimize and engage more effectively across channels.

Assessment and planning

Get on track to meet your marketing goals with strategic retainers that provide assessment, optimization roadmaps, merchandising recommendations, and actionable insights.

Channel strategy support

The commerce team is supported by additional strategy expertise, including content strategy development and recommendations, email, paid media, SEO, social media, analytics, and data management.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud extension for Magento

DEG’s Magento engineers have designed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud extension that sends triggered emails based on purchases and other on-site behaviors. This well-tested integration increases the efficiency of both Magento and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and stems from the agency’s 15-year partnership with Salesforce.

Magento services and implementation

Do you need integrations, custom reporting, or specialty configurations? Our team will customize the platform to meet your requirements. Services include strategy, new builds, and technical audits. We also offer an in-house suite of extensions that can be used to accelerate your timeline.


We are experienced at working with a wide range Enterprise Resource Planning, Order Management Systems, Electronic Data Interchange (i.e. inventory and invoicing), shipping, payments processing and gateways, customer experience enhancement plug-ins, Customer Relations Management, Content Management Systems, Email Service Providers, and other third-party services.

Data management

Need to integrate mixed data sources? Our engineers, data architects, and data management teams are experts at data loading and transformation.

Enhanced reporting

We can customize reports and queries, as well as provide advanced Google Analytics integrations.

Customized functionality

Do you have special requirements around geolocation, search, or other functionality? Let us solve your problem with a custom solution tailored to your business needs.

Understanding your customers

DEG’s analytics & insight team focuses on discovering the right messaging and channels for you to connect with your most engaged customers in order to drive your business forward. Explore our services >

Magento core team

The DEG Magento team stands out as one of the most experienced in the industry, and one the leading edge of best practices that streamline development, reduce risk, and look toward future upgrades.


Our fully certified Magento developers make up a core engineering team that includes user interface and data architect specialties.

Platform specialists

The team also includes experienced Magento business analysts, project managers, and project coordinators.

Network services

Our network engineers can facilitate deployment across a variety of environments, ensuring the best possible site performance.

Creatively bringing brands to life

DEG’s creative team includes designers, copywriters, animators, user-experience specialists, and video production experts developing cohesive and consistent branding for all your marketing channels. Explore our services >

Security scanning and permissions

Maintaining security and PCI compliance is critical. We offer additional security enhancements in addition to Magento’s out-of-the-box scanning, external penetration testing, and bug bounty programs.

Hierarchies and permissions

If you’re balancing B2B and B2C customers, you know the importance of controlling site features, catalog access, and pricing. We fully customized hierarchy and security authorizations to your requirements.

Advanced security scanning

We handle complex, rigorous compliance and remediation security scanning processes for Fortune 100 clients.

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Building relationships that last

With more than 20 years of experience building commerce solutions for local, national, and global brands, DEG creates optimal strategies that grow businesses. Our focus is on the long-term support of clients with our global team of resources providing global-local expertise that produces results.

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