Sky Morey

Chief Software Architect and Principal

Sky embodies creative, adaptive thinking as made manifest through technology. He operates as a technical architect at the macro level, drawing on decades of experience across multiple projects and environments. Since joining DEG as its first associate, Sky has demonstrated his software development expertise through direct engagement with DEG’s engineering staff, niche troubleshooting, and ongoing research and development.

To construct systems that drive productivity, he keeps a holistic perspective. Sky believes the trick with coding is to avoid limiting future possibilities for system evolution. He predicts an engineering future of heterogeneous, blended systems that require the orchestration of multiple devices and languages.

Sky spent the first half of his life taking apart everything he could, and his first love is still hardware. When he was five, his father – the inventor of the boogie board – bought an Apple II and took Sky out of traditional school. They worked together on the computer, side by side, for the next six months.

When not at DEG, Sky develops his own “hobby” programming projects. His current primary project is a neural network simulator to provide an alternative platform and toolset for explorations in artificial intelligence.