Jasvindarjit Singh

Chief Technology Officer and Principal

Singh is responsible for the overall technology direction at DEG, specifically managing network administration, project-based technology deployment, and new technology evaluation and assessment. Specializing in niche challenges where he can develop focused and targeted solutions, Singh empowers entire systems to operate more effectively and efficiently. His role encompasses that of an overarching technical architect, advisor, and troubleshooter.

One of DEG’s founders, Singh formed DEG for the freedom to pursue his technology interests through multiple channels. He finds his work always exciting, and never mundane or routine. He prizes the opportunity to work with intelligent people who interact as equals. Recently, Singh has moved toward developing new, direct-to-consumer products through various phases of incubation, research, and development. He foresees a future where technology is ever-more immersive and pervasive, and the act of coding moves toward a more advanced level of describing behavior.

Singh has worked in the technology field since the mid-1980s and is proficient in a long list of development languages. His first memory of programming is as a young boy, reconfiguring an old one-line display calculator so it could better process his father’s mileage reports. Singh’s father, who worked for the power company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, later helped his son develop the first known map of all the power lines in the region, including transmission, distribution, and substations.

Singh holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and dual Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, all from the University of Kansas.

When not at DEG, Singh delves into technical material to learn about and closely examine emerging technologies. He also enjoys spending time with his family and visiting relatives abroad.