Greg Bustamante

Director of Engineering

Greg leads DEG’s large and growing engineering team, helping them continually improve in both craft and execution. He sees management as empowering individuals to have a long-term positive influence on their organization, and believes that the ultimate payoff of hard work is to realize the potential in himself and in others.

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Yale, Greg served stints at a large consultancy and a technology startup before coming to DEG. He was attracted by the opportunity to make an impact in an engaging, growing collaborative environment, as well the chance to gain more responsibility and experience across multiple platforms. In his current role, Greg is responsible for the formation of technical and architecture strategies, oversees the introduction of new technologies and software best practices, and leads DEG’s implementation, integration and deployment teams.

After more than eight years at DEG, Greg still thrives on getting out of his comfort zone. When not at work, he can be found running 5Ks or spending time at home with his family.