DEG is proud to announce that it has been named to the Xamarin Premier Consulting Partners Program. The Partners Program is an initiative that connects Xamarin customers with expert consultants who can to assist with mobile projects of all shapes and sizes.

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin empowers approximately 700,000 developers to build fully-native mobile apps. Its unique software platform enables developers to produce reusable, fully native code across all three major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). By using one mobile language, DEG can take full advantage of its .NET framework expertise, as well as re-purpose its high-value C# experts, who can now leverage the platform to make their seamless transitions into mobile application development.

Gartner's opinion on XamarinUnlike traditional approaches to cross-platform development that deliver lowest common denominator user experiences, the Xamarin platform enables developers build world class, native apps for multiple platforms in a fraction of the time.

With rapidly evolving mobile technologies, cross-platform mobile applications are becoming a necessity. DEG is already at the forefront of mobile, having developed a wide-range of high-performance, cost-effective and cross-functional mobile apps for our clients in the past several years. This partnership allows DEG to use Xamarin’s software as the underlying development platform for all of its cross-platform applications.

Microsoft on XamarinDEG believes that mobile is a critical part of every business no matter the industry, and so we are very excited to be taking these first steps with Xamarin to help both current and future clients go mobile.

For more information about Xamarin, please visit or follow @xamarinhq on Twitter.

Also, make plans to join us at Xamarin’s Evolve Conference in Atlanta, October 6-10. It promises to be a great show and a fantastic opportunity to stay a jump ahead of the rapidly accelerating mobile market.


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