As April Mullen documented earlier, Gmail recently announced that it would be making a significant change to the way emails in the promotions tab are previewed. Gmail’s Grid View presents marketers with a great opportunity to incite more email opens through the use of compelling visual components, but it offers an equal amount of threat for brands who don’t use it to their advantage. Emails that aren’t optimized are already finding themselves increasingly drowned out by the more compelling imagery surrounding them. Take this recent example from my own promotions tab, where is neither displaying a preview image nor connected to Google+ to display its logo.

Gmail's Grid View preview tool and code generator


As a marketer who presumably wants to have your emails opened, how can you easily preview what they will look like to users in grid view, optimize that view, and then generate the code you’ll need to make it happen? It turns out that this is your lucky day. DEG’s secret team of somewhat-mad email scientists have created an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to generate a preview as well as copy and paste the necessary code to ensure that your emails look exactly as you intend. Have fun, and remember to share with your colleagues.

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