Sorry Twitter, but it looks like your Lead Generation Cards are facing some new competition. That’s right, Facebook has officially launched lead generation ads for all advertisers, and they’ve already shown some great results. But before we talk about that, what exactly are these ads and how should you use them for your business?

What are They?

These ads let customers complete a form with just a few taps to seamlessly collect customer information. You can use this form to collect email subscriptions, contesting, inquiry/interest-form submissions, registrations, and much more. Think of them as mini forms with pre-populated fields, such as name and email address. The fields on the form can also be customized to any industry. There is a field for everything from gender, age, and other demographic information to the size of your company and the annual mileage on your vehicle. And with the option to create custom questions and answers, the possibilities of data collection are endless! All of this happens without the user ever having to leave the Facebook environment.


DEG is particularly excited about the possibility to use these ads to help our clients grow their email subscriber lists. We can prospect by targeting individuals who look like our clients’ current fans, look like their current email subscribers, like their business on Facebook but have not subscribed to email, like their competitors… the list goes on. The possibilities are vast with Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

What is the Benefit?

These ads will make it cheaper and easier to collect email subscribers and customer information. Many barriers have been removed by the users’ contact information auto-populating (just like a social sign-in) and not having to leave Facebook to subscribe. By reducing the number of steps for a user to fill out a form, conversion rates improve and costs are reduced. Facebook launched this ad format to selected advertisers back in June and saw improved performance when compared to ads that drove visitors to an email signup page on their website. According to the Land Rover case study – “In early A/B testing, Facebook’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.” – Kim Kyaw, Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Land Rover.

Right now, the ads are only open for mobile newsfeed placements. However, Facebook has announced that new ad formats will be coming in the upcoming weeks that will be available on desktop, and will include the ability to integrate video and carousel ads.

Lead Generation and Beyond

Not only is this a huge step for businesses wanting to grow their email databases, but it’s a great opportunity for brand awareness, engagement, and cross-channel integration. Facebook has alluded to integrations with major eCRM databases, like Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, and more. However, it seems details are still TBD. In the meantime, DEG has already begun testing the ads for clients by utilizing manual downloads of the leads and uploads to the CRM, and we have seen a significant decrease in CPA (cost per acquisition) for one client compared to Facebook ads driving traffic to an email sign-up page. Now is the time to start testing form lengths, targeting, ad copy, and more. Have you already begun testing with Facebook’s ads? Let us know what you’ve found in the comment section. 

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