This post is part three of a series on optimizing social content. To read the intro post, click here. And make sure to check out the previous post on Nike Women.

If you’ve been following us since the intro post, you’ve probably already read how Nike Women is killing it in the social space (and if you haven’t, go back and read them first). Now we’re shifting gears to look at a brand with a much larger target audience.


I’m sure that the best part of being a content curator for Nordstrom is the vast amount of product you have at your fingertips. Without limits to a singular type of product (shoes, cosmetics, etc.), the possibilities are endlessly greatened for the types of content you can create. Nordstrom has proven that it doesn’t take this for granted through its social content. It truly does a great job of featuring a wide variety of products that are available in its stores, while also weaving in pieces of branding when appropriate. There is definitely some content crossover between its pages, but it’s not identical, and images are respective to their spaces (for instance, this photo on Instagram and Twitter were not the same size).


The focus on Facebook is largely around products and driving to .com with over 750,000 likes. They’ve even taken advantage of micro-video to showcase its product lines. You’ll notice that Nordstrom doesn’t push the product on you in the messaging; it just makes it available to you with a link:



By far, Nordstrom’s largest audience is on Pinterest. With over 4.4 million followers, Nordstrom has been widely known as the most-followed brand on Pinterest. By working with influencers and running campaigns, Nordstrom quickly got in front of millions, creating consistently great content that has retained that audience. Simple details on its profile page, such as updating and cropping board cover photos, give a polished look. It also boasts a large variety of boards, ensuring there’s something to like for everyone. For brands, a great feature within Pinterest that other platforms don’t offer is the ability to follow select content; making the content they do receive from the brand more relevant to the user. Nordstrom also highlights top pins within its own board so users know what’s been most popular.


Another miss many brands make on Pinterest is restricting themselves to posting only their own content. For a brand like Nordstrom with a large amount of inventory to choose from, this can be tempting. However, it’s important to mix in content that isn’t your own, by repining, but that aligns with your audience. This builds a rapport with followers when they feel like you understand them and what they want.



Nordstrom’s second largest audience is on Instagram. As a long-time follower, I am constantly double-tapping their photos. I remain impressed with the way the brand approaches the channel and features product. Without clickable links in individual posts, Nordstrom remains focused on the mood of the photo and not on selling it to you. However, by using Like2Buy, you’re only a couple taps away from finding product information when you want it.



Its content easily flows from laydowns to POV shots and branded content, and still fits cohesively together for a consistent look and feel.


In addition to promoting products, a lot of Nordstrom’s tweets seem to focus on an aspect of relatability: celebrating weekends, dreading Mondays, etc.

Similar to Instagram, Nordstrom repurposes some product content to Twitter without being too promotional and keeping the messaging neutral, not focused on the product.


Nordstrom has also jumped on the Tumblr millennial bandwagon, posting gifs-a-plenty and also opening up one of the Tumblr-specific features: the Ask box.


What I love about this branded approach to an uncommon channel is the authentic look-and-feel to the profile, which remains consistent with other Nordstrom entities (website, other social channels), showing that it’s not trying too hard to fit into this space. Another proof point is the content it is posting. Outfit builds, multi-angle shots of products, and makeup applications all fall well within its wheelhouse, so the content doesn’t feel like it’s forced.

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