Our associates have been able to change the world for our clients by always striving to learn more. This includes reading books, blogs, articles, and anything we can get our hands on in order to become better at our work. Here’s a look at what we’re reading right now at DEG.

Brian Graves, UI Team Lead

What: Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead by Laszlo Bock what_were_reading_june15_workrules

Why: Written by Laszlo Bock, Google’s head of People Operations, Work Rules gives you an inside view of how Google operates. From its hiring process (hint: Google keeps analytics on everything, including scoring interviewers), to its belief that power should be removed from managers and placed in the hands of teams, it’s an interesting look at how to recruit, retain, and manage top-tier talent in a competitive landscape.

What: The Principles of UX Choreography by Rebecca Ussai on Medium & Functional Animation In UX Design by Amit Daliot in Smashing Magazine

Why: The interfaces we design and build for the web no longer have to be static; nor should they be. Design that both orients and delights users now requires animation as a major consideration, especially in the world of mobile where spatial awareness becomes a much larger factor. Both of the above articles are fantastic reads on applying the principles of motion design to interface design.

Cara McDonald, Senior Copywriter

What: The Ultimate Crash Course in Copywriting, as Taught by Mad Men by Joanna Wiebe at CopyHackers

Why: This infographic includes some copywriting basics in which we all need to be reminded. Sometimes, we can get burnt out on products/brands when we work so closely with them. We think they aren’t interesting or different. But the truth is, there are very few brands that are actually marketing a product that’s different. “You don’t have to be different. You just have to be the one to turn a shared feature into a differentiator.”


Ryan Heap, UI Designer

What: Programming Javascript Applications by Eric Elliot

Why: Javascript is a very powerful language, more powerful than it is sometimes credited. This book teaches you how to harness its power through paradigms and design patterns like functional programming, modularity, and code reuse. There is also a ram on the cover.

Lauren Johnson, Marketing Manager

What: How To Create Contextual ‘Micro Moments’ with Apple Watch by Jon Schepke in AdAge

Why: Digital marketing is trending toward focusing on being present and reaching customers in each moment of their consumer journey. Don’t just send push notifications to keep up with other brands and cause noise. Instead, send the notifications or alerts to your customer because you truly know their next move before they get there. Customer experience needs to remain top of mind, all the while keeping in mind that the design of any said “moment” — especially on an Apple Watch or similar — needs to be strategically thoughtful and visually appealing.

Chris Stauffer, UI Engineer

What: Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided by Ivana McConnell at Smashing Magazine

Why: Everyday the lines between design, development, creativity, and logic are becoming increasingly blurred. Now more than ever, it’s important for digital shops to foster a culture that promotes interdepartmental communication. It’s not about “knowing how to code” or “knowing how to design,” but rather knowing how to collaborate and communicate from a holistic perspective. The closer we get to that, the better our products will be.

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