Our associates have been able to change the world for our clients by always striving to learn more. This includes reading books, blogs, articles, and anything we can get our hands on in order to become better at our work. Here’s a look at what’s being read at DEG this week.


Brian Graves, UI Team Lead

What: Responsible Responsive Design by Scott Jehl

Why: Layout is only one part of delivering quality responsive web sites and apps. Planning for performance at the outset of projects is an equally important consideration, and one that is often overlooked. Responsible Responsive Design by Scott Jehl dives into the performance aspects inherent in the ever-changing design landscape.

What: Web & UX Advent Calendars from 24ways and UXmas

Why: December means the return of advent calendars from 24ways and UXmas. Both publish a daily blog post for the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas on web design, development, or UX, and both are always of very high quality. Good reads for anyone in the industry.

Cara McDonald, Copywriter

What: The Ultimate List of 95 Blogpost Ideas for Creating Craveable Content to Share on Social” by Kevan Lee on buffer’s blog

Why: I’m always looking for new ideas to … well … come up with and store ideas. The skyscraper technique and list of 32 blog post ideas were particularly helpful.

What: The Instagram Generation” YouTube video with Professor Daniel Kahneman from Shots of Awe

Why: People are capturing anticipated memories, so Instagram campaigns should cater to that desire. Rather than asking them to post photos of product, for example, we might ask them to post an inventive way they use the product.


Geoff Pickering, Managing Director of Client Services and Digital Practices

What: Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change” by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael Overdorf in the Harvard Business Review

Why: This is a fascinating challenge because it affects DEG, our work/proposals, how the client sees and responds to the proposals, and the most important and must obscure aspect, which is the change that occurs inside our clients offices. The pressures they have must be hard, and it’s up to us as a company and an industry to get better at empathizing.



Joe Cromer, Director of Enterprise Collaboration

What: The Collaborative Organization by Jacob Morgan

Why: This book highlights real world lessons learned rolling out Enterprise 2.0 Social and Collaboration features at large organizations.

What: The Decoded Company by Leerom Segal, Aaron Goldstein, Jay Goldman, Rahaf Harfoush

Why: The Decoded Company shows simple, straightforward, and actionable tactics for creating a happier and engaged workplace. It is a great mix of strategy, data, and technology-based approaches to change how you and your organization work.        


Adam Seitz, Director of Creative

What:10 UX Copywriting Tips for Designers” by John Moore Williams on invision’s blog 

Why: Design, copy and UX… what’s not to love? This post covers everything digitally creative.

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