Our associates have been able to change the world for our clients by always striving to learn. This includes reading books, blogs, articles, and anything they can get their hands on in order to become better at their work. Here’s a look at what we’re reading at DEG.

Geoff Pickering, Managing Director of Client Services and Digital Practices 

What: “The Secret Sauce of Highly Productive Software Development” from InfoQ

Why: I just finished reading a great article around Agile development that I felt was applicable to how to start working in the world of real-time marketing. The financial impact alone makes this a compelling approach – your TCO could see an impact of 30%-80% savings. The critical factors are asking the right questions, experience and learning.

Brian Graves, UI Team Lead

What: “Mobile & Multi-Device Design” by Luke Wroblewski


Why: Based on lessons learned by Luke Wroblewski and his team while building Polar, this is a great compilation of current mobile app and responsive design best practices. It covers everything from big picture concepts down to the important details needed in a polished UI. This is an important read for anyone doing digital design in 2014.

Jennifer Grigsby, Content Strategist

What: The Key Difference Between Online and Print Publishing” from Gerry McGovern’s blog.

Why: Gerry McGovern’s latest blog post is a reminder that content strategy helps companies stay focused on their objectives – and sometimes this means saying “no” to additional content creation. Web content needs to be cared for and updated on an ongoing basis. Yet in the rush to get the new content on the site, the process for updating the content is overlooked or intentionally ignored because it’s one more thing that requires planning. When planning your content, make sure to determine who is responsible for updating the content and when it needs to happen. And if you can’t come up with this plan, maybe consider saying “no” to creating the content in the first place.

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