There’s a reason they call it the Big Show. Several DEG associates were among the 33,000 attendees who flocked to New York City Jan. 11-14 for National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2015.


Hundreds of companies showcased countless retail products and services, many of which are new to the landscape. We made the rounds through the expo hall and here is what stood out to us from NRF’s Big Show 2015.

eBay’s Merging of Digital and Physical Worlds

A common theme at NRF and one of Sunday’s keynote speeches was “Brick is the New Black: Reinventing the Brick-and-Mortar Experience,” which discussed the state of the physical store in the digital age. eBay has found a way to recharge its brick-and-mortar stores by creating touchscreen mirrors for Rebecca Minkoff that allow customers in the physical Rebecca Minkoff store to search products, find fitting rooms, and request clothes in a different size, all while showcasing the store’s online brand content.

Inside the fitting room, the touchscreen allows customers to see recommendations from stylists, adjust the room lighting, and add what clothes were tried on to her online profile. This new design will allow companies to better understand its customers’ behaviors and bring the benefits from the digital world to physical stores.

Salesforce’s Work With Design Within Reach

Salesforce hosted several hundred retail associates for a demonstration at a Design Within Reach location in New York City. Salesforce’s Salesforce1 platform allowed Design Within Reach to create a better client relationship, which then led to an increase in sales. The mobile app gave Design Within Reach the freedom to manage client accounts from anywhere, while better understanding the customers themselves. Salesforce is approaching mobile the right way, which is important considering…

Mobile At The Forefront

While many made it clear that physical stores were not dead, mobile is still a clear area for retail in 2015, with many of the new products and services on display at NRF 2015 emphasizing the mobile experience. Fujitsu, HP, and Zebra Technologies were just several of the companies displaying new mobile solutions at the conference. eBay’s mirrors, mentioned above, also include a mobile app, which a store with the mirrors can then recognize and allow employees to see the customer’s purchase history.

Sports Industry’s Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships

Sports organizations understand keeping and pleasing passionate fans, and lessons learned in the sports world can be applied to retail. Sunday morning’s opening keynote, “Game Changer: Loyalty and Performance Lessons from Passionate Sports Fandom,” showed how retail brands can grow and keep fans much like the sports industry has learned to perfect. A sports executive panel discussed the use of engagement and performance analytics to give a more personal experience to its customers and fans.

A clear priority has been placed on retail companies reinventing the idea of the physical store by merging the best aspects of digital retail with the in-store experience.

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