DLR Group, a highly innovative architecture and engineering firm serving some of the most recognized brands in the nation – including Google, Starbucks, Boeing, Hyatt and many others – possessed a website that didn’t reflect the standards of the company.

The website, which was built using Flash, was static, and couldn’t be modified easily. DLR Group needed an innovative way to showcase its best work and better communicate the reputation the company had established over the past 40+ years. This prompted the company to reach out to DEG, a partner that they knew could help.


The Ask

DLR Group had an impressive roster of clients, however, its website wasn’t doing the clients justice when it came to showcasing work. Load time was slow, and visitors noticed. In fact, 90 percent of visitors bounced from the site before it was even done loading. Magnifying the problem was the fact that Flash websites often have trouble getting found in Google search results, which didn’t positively impact the company’s website traffic.

In addition, since the site was relatively static, it was difficult for staff to make changes or updates, which is critical in the architecture and engineering industry. The company needed the ability to continuously update projects and display its best work to potential clients.

Since DEG had done an excellent job translating DLR Group’s website to Chinese in the past, the firm asked DEG to partner on the project and provide some immediate help. The goal of the new website was to make the site more user-friendly and easier to update, showcase people and expertise in order to make social connections simpler, and to have a site that mirrors the work the company is doing for its clients.

The Answer

After speaking with the company’s representatives and understanding the goals of the site, DEG took a number of measures to make DLR Group’s website more engaging, including:

  • Adding a blog to the site, which would allow the company to be found easier, as well as form a stronger connection with its prospects and clients
  • Integrating the website with the company’s intranet, eliminating the need to enter projects twice (both internally and on the website)
  • Adding a “people” section to the site that is socially integrated with platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Building a “swipe feature” into the website, allowing users to navigate from one section to the next without touching their toolbar
  • Adding a GEO locator feature so clients can see the projects that are closest and most relevant to them instantly, based on geography.

DEG also invested time in training the company’s staff to make updating the site in the future quick and efficient.

The Results

After DEG completed the project, DLR Group had a visually appealing website that truly mirrored who it is and the innovative work it does for clients. But perhaps the most impressive result was the sharp bounce rate decline, dropping from 90 percent to 45 percent.

Plus, since the company now has the ability to add events to the site, anybody in the company who is speaking at an event can post that information in email correspondence — and drive even higher levels of traffic back to the site. It wasn’t just potential clients and employees taking notice. Rattleback, an architecture, engineering, and technology agency, named the website one of its “3 Architecture Firm Websites That Get It Right.” DEG gave DLR Group a site that lived up to the quality and performance expectations its clients associate with the company.

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