Next week, more than 3,000 of the top ecommerce specialists in the country will arrive in Las Vegas for the Magento Imagine 2019 conference. It’s a three-day event featuring keynotes, subject matter experts, and brands who are innovating the ecommerce experience.

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This year, the DEGeniuses attending Imagine are looking forward to seeing the new updates with Adobe, new offerings and products, and how social plays into commerce. Here’s a taste of what we will keep our eyes on at the conference.

Solving little, everyday problems

Ben Robie, Magento architect

I’m most looking forward to seeing updates about how Magento’s ecommerce platform can fulfill brand’s strategic goals and solve their little, everyday problems.

From a technical solutions perspective, I’m interested in the labs and sessions that talk about the creative solutions that companies have deployed. I’d love to learn about the guts of those solutions so I can understand and help the brands I work with do the same.

“I’m interested to hear how brands are currently working with the Magento Commerce platform to create unique, yet authentic experiences for their customers using social.” — Kerstin Deppe, DEG alliance manager

Finally, as always, I’m looking forward to how Adobe is positioning Magento inside of its Experience Cloud, and how far its native integrations have come.

New Adobe + Magento products

Ben Noonan, director of commerce

I’m definitely interested to learn more about the new Adobe and Magento commerce offerings. I also expect that the conference will be showcasing some great examples of content and commerce executions that we can use to learn from and expand upon with our knowledge and expertise.

The future of social commerce

Kerstin Deppe, alliance manager

As innovation in the social media space continues to gain influence over shopping behavior, it is crucial for brands to leverage the creative application of strategy and technology to attract, engage, and retain customers in the social media channels they already use.

I’m interested to hear how brands are currently working with the Magento Commerce platform to create unique, yet authentic, experiences for their customers using social. While there don’t appear to be breakout sessions at Imagine 2019 that specifically cover the topic, I would expect the keynotes to address it on some level.

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Will Magento gain market share over its competition by announcing that it has found a way to enable social commerce out of the box? I hope so. We’ll see what updates come out of Imagine. Stay tuned.

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