Over the years, I’ve seen several digital agencies publish blogs addressing a certain pandemic in our industry — websites that are unrepresentative of their firm. They all seem to use some variation of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” And in each case, reading those blogs was uncomfortable, in particular because each one marked another month or two in the increasing decrepitude of our own online presence.

Like so many businesses, we knew that our website was an issue. It was always in our strategic plan. Like a mechanic whose own car is on blocks in his driveway, we were constantly drawing up plans for a website that had a little more horsepower, rumbled a little louder, or had a cooler paint job. It always seemed to be on the horizon: “We’ll do it in the second quarter,” “six months from now,” or “by this time next year.” But when you’re growing as fast as we have and doing so much amazing work on behalf of your client partners as we have been, sometimes your internal strategies get moved to the back burner. There were a half a dozen times that we started it, but then we would land another opportunity and be off to the races on that.

So why now? It is certainly not because business has slowed. We’ve just been named as one of the fastest-growing businesses in America for the second straight year by Inc. Magazine, and we’ve made similar lists locally in both Ingram’s Magazine and the Kansas City Business Journal. We crossed the 100 employee mark and expanded our office space (four different times). Things continue to move quickly.

No, the spark that started this fire was something completely different. It was a simple, direct question from one of our best clients and friends: “How do I refer DEG to others?”

I had no real answer. I could have danced around it, but I shouldn’t have to. More importantly, I didn’t want to. That question made me think of everyone here at DEG, about their remarkable effort, their amazing work, and how much joy they bring to what they do.

They deserved better from this company. They deserved a brand that showed their true character and encapsulated the things in which we believe. They deserved an integrated, scalable, responsively designed, well-governed, well-built website that truly represented who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and what they’re capable of. They deserved a way to show the world that our people are thought leaders and the very best at what they do. They deserved a social media presence that kept them and everyone else plugged into what is happening behind the ever-increasing number of doors here at DEG, and what is happening in the ever-changing digital arena.

But what I cared about the most is that they deserved an answer to that question.

So that’s what we built: A new name, a new logo, a new website, a new blog, and a new social media presence. And they’re only starting points, because each of these things is always a work in progress. I expect that a year from now, the website will offer new tools and functionalities, the blog will be a library of interesting thought, and that we will expand to a new digital channel (or maybe two). DEG is ready to take on what’s next.

But we’ve given ourselves a solid, flexible platform to build on. And more importantly, we’ve given ourselves (and our clients and friends) an emphatic answer to that once-difficult question.

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