Summer Facebook Trends

Are you prepared for summer’s Facebook acquisition and engagement trends? The sun is out. The grass needs to be mowed. The kids are out of school. Summer vacations are in full swing. All of these things have a seasonal impact on your Facebook brand page.

Take a look at the share of total fan growth by month during 2012 for three of DEG’s global social brands.

Share of Facebook Growth by Month

Share of Facebook Growth by Month

Note the noticeable dip in Facebook fan acquisition during May, June, and July. The trend was so severe that the share of growth for these three summer months combined (7.32%) was actually lower than half of the individual months’ growth during the year! Granted, fan growth has a strong correlation with Facebook advertising spend, so in this sense, brands control their own acquisition destiny. However, charting visibility for the same timeframe reveals a similar pattern:

Share of Facebook Impressions by Month

Share of Facebook Impressions by Month

For impressions, May held on to near average performance, but June was again the lowest month of the year and impressions did not fully recover until the month of August. This indicates that fewer Facebook users were around than usual to see stories created about our brand pages during the summer months. Keep in mind, a story is created each time a new fan is acquired, so fewer fans means fewer stories, and fewer stories generally means fewer impressions. This is the case unless the Facebook users talking about your brand page have large networks. So who was talking about our brand pages?

Facebook Stories by PTAT by Month

Facebook Stories Per PTAT by Month

When looking at stories created per person talking about our Facebook pages, the trend was the exact opposite of what we see with acquisition and impressions. The higher stories per PTAT (People Talking About This) during June and July indicate that while fewer stories are being created, those that are creating stories are doing so more frequently than the average. This means that a core group of Facebook Fans are engaging multiple times during the summer.

So what can you do to overcome a potential summer dip in Facebook fan growth and visibility?

  1. Monitor your page’s Facebook Engagement Amplification closely to identify opportunities to optimize your posts.
  2. Supplement proactive content with advertising spend during the summer months to boost fan growth.
  3. Interact with your ‘regulars’ during the downtrend, particularly if they are identified as influencers in your business’ space. They may be getting fewer impressions per story during the summer, but maximizing the number of stories they create about your brand page may help you at least come out even.

Use these recommendations to get your Facebook brand page through the summer months, and then brace yourself for the ride during the holiday season!

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