Jenni Schaub, senior web content strategist at DEG, co-authored this post. This is part one of a three-part series on Sitecore-Salesforce Marketing Cloud partnership.

Sitecore and Salesforce: The Immediate Effectiveness of the Partnership

On November 7th, Salesforce and Sitecore announced a new partnership with the intention to give customers the ability to easily integrate content from their Sitecore CMS into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This will bring real value to data-driven digital marketers whose top priority is bringing personalized experiences to every consumer.

The Sitecore, Salesforce partnership will bring real value to data-driven digital marketers whose top priority is personalized customer experiences.

Having expertise in both platforms, DEG was excited about the potential that this brings. However, beyond the initial announcement, there has been limited information provided. So, we set out to ideate around what this partnership might look like, its immediate impact, and our big-picture visions.

As our team of CMS and Marketing Cloud experts began talking through the complexities of what this partnership may entail, we immediately saw the immense opportunities and focused on how we, as marketing partners, will need to support our clients as they plan to utilize the full potential of these soon-to-be deeply integrated tools.

At a high level, we see this rollout affecting marketers in two major ways.

Streamlining marketing efforts by:

  • Creating a centralized marketing hub
  • Allowing content to be shared between platforms
  • Enhancing the current data pipeline

The partnership will streamline marketing efforts by creating a centralized marketing hub and enhancing the data pipeline.

Enhancing the customer journey by utilizing:

  • Deeper data sets to enable greater personalization across the entire customer journey
  • Artificial Intelligence to optimize your marketing programs and customer experiences
  • Real-time connections to market customers in their moment

Check out part two of the series: The Immediate Effectiveness of the Partnership, and part three: Big-Picture Visions of the Partnership.

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