Salesforce announced the exciting launch of Digital 360 last week. It’s the latest comprehensive packaged offering for brands to leverage the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) to meet the needs of the all-digital customer, wherever they may be.

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This news is especially exciting for us given that DEG is a leading expert and partner in the Salesforce ecosystem and, as a Dentsu agency, a top enterprise cloud consultant for implementing Digital 360 solutions for brands across North America.

So, let’s dive into what Digital 360 is and how it can help your business grow.

What is Salesforce Digital 360?

Salesforce Digital 360 combines three Salesforce platforms, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud, as well as Customer 360 and new product innovations tailored to digital brand leaders so they can seamlessly market, sell, and engage audiences from anywhere.

This offering comes in response to the acceleration of every brand’s need to meet customers where they are online in the era of COVID-19. Salesforce also created Digital 360 Trailhead on-demand learning for teams to skill up their digital advertising and online storefront optimization expertise.

What new tools can brands use with Salesforce Digital 360?

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One of the most-exciting new products included in Salesforce Digital 360 is Customer 360 Audiences, the customer data platform announced in early 2019. Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences allows brand marketers to capture, unify, segment, and activate customer data—leveraging Customer 360 Data Manager which is used to build a unified customer profile—for personalized interactions across digital channels. Customer 360 Audiences Is expected to launch in October.

Digital 360 also includes an out-of-the-box payment solution powered by Stripe called Commerce Cloud Payments—which is expected to launch later in 2020—and Experience Cloud for quickly building CRM-powered digital experiences.

How does Digital 360 help brands grow?

As the need for digital transformation has accelerated these past few months, businesses have integrated digital solutions to meet consumer expectations. And consumers now expect interactions across social, email, and online stores and service departments to consistently feel and look like the same brand experience.

Salesforce D360 provides businesses with a streamlined, cross-cloud solution that digitizes the brand-customer relationship now that everything has gone digital.

With moments as the new atomic unit of measurement in digital brand-customer relationships, brands should pivot to embrace a moment-oriented marketing approach to engage customers through digital experiences. A moment-oriented approach is further enhanced with the Salesforce Digital 360 offering as brands can develop and activate solutions—from marketing emails and timely advertisements to online shopping and curbside pickup—fast to meet customers in the moments that matter most to build lasting relationships.

Is DEG a Salesforce Digital 360 specialized partner?

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Yes. As a Platinum Salesforce partner and member of leading Salesforce agency holding company, Dentsu, DEG is uniquely positioned to activate Digital 360 solutions for brands across the nation and around the world. Our specialized expertise in Marketing Cloud, which began before Salesforce purchased ExactTarget, includes one of the largest and most experienced campaign management teams in the ecosystem.

We also have more than 11 years of experience in Commerce Cloud, launching scalable online storefronts integrated with Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud for both B2B and B2C businesses. Additionally, we’ve built Community Cloud portals for businesses to engage their audiences through an experience suited to their needs.

Why should brands work with a Salesforce Digital 360 partner?

First and foremost, Digital 360 is a new Salesforce offering. And while Trailhead does have some on-demand learning, partners like DEG have obtained early access to the new tools.

On top of that, you want a trusted partner who understands the Salesforce ecosystem, specifically the platforms and tools included in Digital 360. This includes expertise in Marketing Cloud and its tools—including Journey Builder, Audience Studio, Ad Studio, Social Studio, Interaction Studio, and Datorama—Commerce Cloud and its tools—both B2C and B2B Commerce and Einstein AI—and Experience Cloud, as well as Service Cloud and Sales Cloud and their tools.

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DEG is one of the only partners with complete cross-cloud expertise, forged over many years working with Salesforce.

As we continue to see consumers turn to digital solutions first, brands need to collaborate with a partner who not only understands Salesforce and the new Digital 360 offering, but also their business. Our services always focus on business understanding so we can propose solutions that fit your brand’s needs and those of your customers.

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