Christmas is only 8 weeks away. 8 weeks! For retail, the holiday game is already underway. As much as we’d all like to believe that it really doesn’t start until Thanksgiving, the truth is that it’s already “Game On.” There’s a lot at stake, and the cards are already stacked against you with a shorter holiday season, consumer confidence levels dropping, and many quarters still digging out from the economic downturn. This year it is absolutely critical that retail email marketers make all of the right moves if they want to win.


How to Play

There won’t be any bank errors in your favor, so your holiday email marketing success relies on having a good plan in place. There are so many things to consider as part of that plan, though, and it can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, the DEG team is here with your get out of jail free card. Just place your token on the game board below, and follow the instructions to a solid holiday email plan…no rolling the dice on this one.




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