A new year always marks new challenges and opportunities for marketers, but this year Pinterest is adding a twist. The social media company has announced the release of Promoted Pins to all advertisers starting on New Year’s Day, which has brands and marketers anxious to give the platform a try.

(The Next Web blog)

The beta version of Promoted Pins has been running for eight months, but the release was very limited. Brands such as Target, The Gap, Expedia, and General Mills had exclusive permission to test the platform. The move to open Promoted Pins to all advertisers will no doubt change the way that brands attack their Pinterest strategy, but it may also change the way that users engage with the social platform.

Based on early testing, Pinterest shared a few success metrics, including:

  •  The average pin is repined 11 times, and that remains true for promoted pins.
  • Brands have achieved about a 30 percent increase in earned media from promoted campaigns because users are saving these pins to their own boards.
  •  The month after a campaign ends, brands generally see a five percent bump in earned media because of the evergreen nature of the content.

Quinn-Pinterest-Promoted-pins-mobile-520x346(The Next Web blog)

Pinterest has also noted that it plans to upgrade promoted pins to equip advertisers with more targeting options and ad formats, but the specifics have not yet been released. DEG will be staying in-tune to the latest and greatest as Pinterest advertising goes mainstream and continues to evolve.

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