When Instagram first rolled out Instagram for Business, the platform launched a new channel for brands to gain insights and analytics around post promotion. Since then, Instagram has also released several major updates and features, steadily making the channel one of the most engaging between brands and customers. And now, you can even shop directly on Instagram!

How social commerce is changing the retail game

If you’re not caught up on all the happenings of Instagram for Business and how you can better engage with customers by converting your Instagram account to a business account, we’ve got you covered.

But first, let’s talk about benefits for your business.

The benefits of Instagram for Business

The benefits of Instagram for Business

As a brand marketer, you’re looking to invest in communication channels to reach and engage with your current and potential customers. And now, more than ever, consumers are interacting with brands across multiple channels and devices—and using social media for more than simply learning about new products.

Instagram is a channel that allows brands to do all this, adding visual and shoppable content to connect with consumers by showing them how your products can fit into their lives. By converting a basic Instagram account to a business profile, you’re gaining better tools for understanding how engaging your content is and reaching new customers via promotions.

How to switch your account to Instagram for Business

Follow this quick guide to set up or change your account to business and we’ll fill you in on the benefits.

How to switch your account to Instagram for Business and optimize your social media content.

For those without an Instagram brand account

  1. If you don’t have an account for your brand, download the Instagram app from the App Store, Google Play store, or Windows Phone Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and select Sign Up.
  3. Enter your email address or select Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.
  4. Follow the next steps to set up your Instagram for Business account.

For those with an Instagram brand account

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  1. Set up your free business profile by accessing the Instagram mobile app and going to your profile.
  2. Select the menu () in the top right of your profile, then select Settings. Or select Edit Profile.
  3. Choose Convert to a Business Account. You will then be asked to log into Facebook within the app.
  4. Connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram brand account. You must be an administrator of the page you’re wanting to connect, and you can only connect one Facebook page with one Instagram business profile.
  5. Select the contact information you want to pull from your Facebook page—including your customer service phone number, email address, or mailing address—into your Instagram account. You need at least one contact channel to set up your Instagram business profile.
  6. Now, check out the differences and new features at your fingertips!

Instagram for Business analytics, insights, and audience metrics

Instagram business account features

  • Business profiles – Your business profile now has contact information pulled from Facebook and allows you to access your promotions and post and stories insights directly from your profile.
  • Promotions – View and manage current promotions or create a new promotion much like “boosting” posts in Facebook. Instagram even helps you identify your top organic post to use in a new promotion.
  • Insights – Gain a better understanding of your content engagement.
    • Content – Check out the overview of your posts and stories for the week. Dive into all your posts, stories, and promotions. Select See All within each of these categories to view content within a certain time period (from 7 days to 2 years).
    • Activity – View how many people see your content and where they find it in the Discovery section. Understand the actions people take when they engage with your account in the Interactions section.
    • Audience – Get a breakdown of your followers, including growth analytics, and top locations where your followers are concentrated, as well as demographics for age range and gender. You can also see the average times your followers are on Instagram, both in hours and days.

Introducing shops on Instagram

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As COVID-19 set off the culture of spending lots of time at home, Instagram launched Shops on Instagram. In its latest native shopping experience, Instagram allows brands to open an immersive full-screen storefront of shoppable content.

Without leaving the app, consumers can shop your brand’s products and complete a purchase with Instagram’s in-app checkout functionality. Instagram also notifies your customers with shipping and delivery notifications within the platform.

Use this handy checklist to get started selling directly from your Instagram business account.

Enhancing your Instagram content strategy

If you’re an O.G. Instagram user, you understand there’s been a shifting phase of how much content you need to produce to grow your following and engagement with consumers. Over time, and much like search marketing updates, the platform has adapted, and users have shown a propensity to engage with the content they find relevant and useful to their lifestyles.

Introducing Instagram for Business Stories and highlights

The introduction of Instagram Stories

Adding the 24-hour content of Instagram Stories was a major update to the platform, allowing users and brands to directly reach its followers in near-real-time with announcements, influencer takeovers, and user-generated content.

With the upgrade to showcasing Stories highlights, brands can quickly put together a series of stories about a specific topic, theme, campaign, or collection of products. And the highlights are editable at any time, even after the original story has disappeared.

Instagram stories highlights are an easy way to curate and showcase brand content you want customers to see first. Check out these best practices for curating your Instagram Stories highlights.

The pay-to-play game of Instagram advertising

Paid social advertising is a growing field within demand generation practices to grow your brand’s reach and awareness among consumers not already following your social profiles, and Instagram is no exception. Putting a little money behind your creative content can certainly help grow your following and your customer base. Learn when its best to post, what content type receives the most engagement, and test captions for engagement.

Implementing a comprehensive social strategy

No longer is your brand communication siloed to a specific channel. Consumers expect a cohesive experience everywhere they are, across channels and devices. This means including your Instagram for Business posts, stories, and shoppable content in your omnichannel marketing program.

What Instagram removing likes means for influencer marketing

At DEG, we focus on crafting social strategies focused on people, personalizing the experience with brands to improve satisfaction and cultivate relationships. We harness cross-channel expertise to devise strategies that drive deeper relationships with your customers on ever-changing channels. And we have full-service in-house capabilities to meet your needs, including the DEG Content Studio.

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