Marketers have dramatically shifted their approach and thinking when it comes to engaging with consumers. Brands have moved away from relying solely on demographic data and are placing a greater emphasis on first-party data.

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No longer thinking about their channels in silos, brands are instead embracing a more holistic, connected approach to messaging. And they are beginning to engage less as stages in the marketing funnel and more by meeting customers in the moments they’re in with relevant content for those particular circumstances.

Yet, for some reason, media has been one of the last areas of marketing to move to this approach. Many brands are still thinking about media as following a linear journey within a silo rather than a component of an omnichannel strategy.

The truth is this: consumers are all on their journeys and moving down different paths as they engage with your media. And they don’t care whether it is on social, a website, or in a search engine, they simply want to engage with brands in a way that is relevant to them.

So, how do you move to an approach of engaging consumers with personalized experiences across your digital channels? First, you have to rethink the marketing funnel.

“Many brands are still thinking about media as following a linear journey within a silo rather than a component of an omnichannel strategy.”

The integrated marketing funnel

While the stages of the marketing funnel have remained the same, consumers aren’t engaging with brands in the traditional way we’re taught to think the funnel works. In my next blog, I explore how the funnel has evolved and what brands need to consider when crafting a more holistic media experience.

The framework for media experience orchestration

Instead of singular, aggregated customer journeys, we’re now building omnichannel experiences that are moment-oriented, meeting customers in the channel of their choosing with content that matches their previous engagement activities. I share how that framework can apply to your brand’s media plan in a follow-up blog, coming soon.

Scale 1:1 messages with a trusted partner

Especially in our digital-first world, brands must become more sophisticated both in the ways they leverage data to inform their media and how they craft more impactful engagements. Consumers have proven they’re willing to leave for another brand that can meet their needs if they feel engaged at a personal level.

The goal in both instances is to create a closer, more personal relationship between your brand and customers. For that to happen, you first need a framework that puts those customers at the center of your strategy, allowing you to understand their needs and how they’re likely to interact at every touchpoint.

Embracing Moment-Oriented Marketing

It’s not easy. The ability to scale the creation of content and deployment of 1:1 messages across these individualized journeys is especially challenging. But if done right, the result is a more relevant experience to a much broader audience, and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

If you’re ready to start scaling your content or wish to speak directly with my team, let’s schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and create a media plan for your brand.

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