The first thing that likely comes to mind when hearing ecommerce support is that something must be broken with your site. And again, things will break and your brand is going to need someone there to get you back online and operating at full capacity as quickly as possible.

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This is what the majority of agencies and implementation partners offer when they talk about support.

Yet, it’s a reactive approach to an important, and often overlooked, area. Instead, brands must take a proactive approach to their support contracts; reimagining the breadth of what support can mean.

So, first, let’s start with the name. While you know it as support, what we’re really talking about are managed services.

What is ecommerce managed services?

Ecommerce managed services can include a multitude of tasks and optimization strategies to keep your commerce site operating at peak efficiency and providing a great online experience for your customers.

Embracing Moment-Oriented Marketing

At DEG, we take commerce support to another level. Instead of relying on a break-fix model of reacting to any challenges as they come along, our team of talented business analysts, engineers, and strategists work together to plan ahead and expand your online experience.

We provide the following services as part of our comprehensive support offering:

  • Digital strategy review and planning
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics and reporting
  • New feature implementations and integrations
  • Sprint and project management
  • Break/fix support
  • Project-based enhancements
  • Status reporting
  • Enhancement recommendations to meet business objectives
  • 24/7 support for severity-one issues

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In addition, we offer business strategy services—such as omnichannel commerce strategy, global platform implementation, and customer lifecycle management—and integration expertise to help brands expand their ecommerce experience with third-party tools and features.

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat about what ecommerce challenges you’re facing.

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