ExactTarget's MobileConnect toolAs SMS marketing continues to grow, ExactTarget’s MobileConnect tool is positioned to become even more vital in the multichannel marketer’s toolbox.

Communicating with your customers across multiple channels makes a significant business impact. Whether it is traditional web, social media, email, or video consumed on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop Forrester (commissioned by ExactTarget) found 78% of marketers believe that cross-channel marketing is important or very important to their business.

Cross-channel marketing sounds spectacular, but where do you begin? If you’re an ExactTarget client (perhaps a seasoned email veteran too), then you are in luck! ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub (enabled by default for all clients) is a cross-channel marketing platform. ExactTarget currently offers four channels: Email, Mobile, Social, and Web.

If you are ready to take that dive into cross-channel marketing, I would suggest purchasing ExactTarget’s MobileConnect. With the MobileConnect’s functionality, you will be able to collect mobile numbers, send text messages, publish a vote/survey, and capture data – the kind of actionable data and relevant interactions that drive engagement and repeat business.

Most easily, you can begin by creating an SMS message to capture email addresses, a message that could be posted on digital or traditional signage.  Such a message would look like this: “Text JOINEMAIL youremail@example.com to short code #### to join our email list!” 80% of cell phone users send or receive text messages, so the majority of your audience will understand and be able to participate.

We recently hosted a complimentary, 20-minute training on configuring an email opt-in message in ExactTarget’s MobileConnect.

MobileConnect is an additional feature for all ExactTarget accounts, so ensure you have the feature purchased and enabled.



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    Austin Scott

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    Text marketing is here to stay, more and more companies are adding mobile channels to their marketing mix, and reaping the rewards of instant customer engagement.