Over the past few months, ExactTarget, a salesforce.com company, has equipped every account with a new functionality, Playbooks. Each Playbook is a step-by-step guide for configuring common email campaigns. Currently, ExactTarget has implemented Playbooks for a Welcome Series, Customer Anniversary, and Birthday emails—future Playbooks have been promised. To access the Playbooks, ensure you login through the Interactive Marketing Hub.

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Last month, DEG conducted a complimentary training on the Welcome Series, and last week we led a complimentary training on the Customer Anniversary and Birthday Playbooks.



If you manually create subscribers, import from an external source, or push data via API into ExactTarget, ensure that you are including any date attributes (e.g. signup, birthday, anniversary, renewal, and etc.). With these valuable date attributes, you will be able to automate your emails with Playbooks. Multiple Welcome, Anniversary, and Birthday playbooks can be created.

Playbooks support subscriber data stored in Lists or Data Extensions.

Be imaginative with your emails, if you are not collecting any date attributes when a subscriber signs up, then at least pass the subscriber’s signup date. With this one attribute, you could create both a Welcome Series and a Customer Anniversary email. With the Welcome Series, you could onboard the subscriber to your brand and with the Customer Anniversary email, you will be able to thank the subscriber each year for their subscription.

MarketingSherpa found that only 24% of organizations have date triggered emails. With ExactTarget’s Playbooks, you should have no hindrance in configuring these emails and helping to increase that number.


Would you like to receive emails about upcoming, complimentary ExactTarget trainings? Did you know DEG, ExactTarget’s only 2x Partner of the Year, offers several ExactTarget training packages?

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