Magento has announced a suite of new offerings during the Magento Imagine 2017 conference last week. Along side its flagship Magento Digital Commerce and Enterprise Cloud offerings, the company announced:

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  • Magento Social
  • Magento Shipping
  • Magento B2B
  • Magento BI Essentials

Let’s break down the new offerings and how you and your customers will benefit.

Magento Social

Magento Social promises to make it easy for merchants to sync their Magento product catalog with their social networks. With this feature, you can launch a storefront on the leading social networks (read: Facebook) with just a few clicks. This seamless integration automatically keeps product listings on your social profiles consistent with your Magento product catalog – saving you time and energy.

Magento Social allows users to launch a storefront on social networks with just a few clicks.

With Magento Social, you can:

  • Aquire more customers from the more than 1 billion daily active Facebook users
  • Make it easy to publish new advertisements through Facebook’s ad system
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Show and promote your entire product line within Facebook
  • Drive Facebook users to your site to drive increases in your store’s revenue

Magento Shipping

By partnering with Temando, Magento seeks to help make shipping not only more efficient, but a revenue channel for your business.

When using Magento Shipping, you can:

  • Easily connect with global carrier services
  • Drive cart conversion and revenue
  • Automate the fulfillment process
  • Reduce shipping-related costs

Magento B2B

With B2B e-commerce set to explode, Magento is launching new functionality for B2B companies to leverage.

The B2B vertical is set to explode in the ecommercesphere in the near future. DEG, as a Magento B2B Alpha participant and contributor, is chomping at the bit to bring this functionality to our customers.

The B2B functionality that will come native with Magento EE 2.2 will be:

  • Quick ordering and requisition lists
  • Negotiated quotes
  • Company hierarchy and user management
  • Custom product listing and product pricing by company
  • Pay using company credit

BI Essentials

The goal of Magento Business Intelligence is to acquire, convert, and retain more customers. It gives you the advanced performance of a Fortune 500 company without needing to hire a team of analysts. Although Magento Business Intelligence is not a brand new offering, Magento BI Essentials is. At a much lower price point, you can connect your Magento information to your Google Analytics to gain insights about your customers. The BI Essentials offering has an upgrade path to the existing BI offering if more data sources or reports are needed.

Magento’s Commerce Cloud

Magento has doubled down on its entire Magento Commerce Cloud suite.

Accompanying its new offerings, Magento has doubled down on the entire Magento Commerce Cloud suite. The Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM) offering continues to grow, and DEG is pleased to be a trained partner for that solution. MCOM promises to coordinates your customers’ experience across all sales and fulfillment channels. It gathers information from each touchpoint, orchestrating and optimizing based on rules and processes. From capture to source, and ultimately fulfillment, the customer remains at the center of your operation at all times.

This suite of commerce solutions will allow Magento to continue to move up market, while allowing smaller merchants to continue to use only the solutions that they need to grow their business. Magento continues to be a leader, not only in e-commerce, but in the entire commerce space.

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