Magento Imagine 2017 was a packed event filled with insights and information on the latest trends in the ecommerce space. This year, with the launch of Magento 2, the event also contained a number of sessions focused on the latest updates to the platform. Three of the biggest topics focused on Magento 2 (and how to migrate your site to the new platform), B2B commerce, and optimizing conversions.

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Magento 2 (Migrating Your Existing Site)

The launch of Magento 2 was one of the biggest topics discussed at Magento Imagine 2017.

One of the biggest topics of conversation at the show was, “which version of Magento are you on?” or “do you have any clients using Magento 2?” There were several sessions dedicated to the topic, including; Expert Guidances for migrating to Magento 2, Understanding the Total cost to Migrate & Implement on Magento (2), and Tips and Tricks to Streamline Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, in addition to several other sessions dedicated to the new features that will soon be available (check back for more on this topic shortly).

The task of migrating your existing site on Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 is not quite as simple as just upgrading to the latest version. It includes migrating all of your store data and rebuilding your site from the ground up. Magento does have a couple tools to try and help make this transition a little easier ( and — both of which are focused on helping to migrate your data. But that still leaves the front end of your website and all of the business logic required to make your site successful. In addition, the Magento Expert Consulting Group (ECG) said, “to plan to re-write your site when you migrate.” You can migrate the data (orders and products, etc…), but you will still have to rebuild the actual shopping experience.

Conversion Optimization

68 percent of customers never make a second purchase, according to Robert Moore of Magento.

If you’re working in ecommerce, you’re no doubt thinking about your conversion rate and stats like this from Robert Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence, Magento Commerce: “68% of customers never make a second purchase.” To make sure you get that second purchase, it’s important to focus on making sure you’re providing the best user experience possible throughout the entire users experience on your site — including the checkout process.

Statistic provided by Robert Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence, Magento Commerce in his session Magento Business Intelligence: Data-Driven Strategies for Online Growth at Magento Imagine 2017.

An alarming stat from Paypal showed that across all its merchant data, “…there is a 66% conversion drop off on mobile when compared to desktop.” With mobile conversion increasing each year, a focus on improving the mobile checkout experience and streamlining the checkout process is one of the areas highlighted that could lead to the biggest impact for businesses. There are a number of solutions that can help to reduce the number of steps need to complete a checkout — including PayPal’s one-touch solution. But regardless of which payment processor a merchant chooses to use, implementing that solution in a streamlined manner can pay huge dividends for your online business. “Reduce data entry and improve mobile conversions,” said John Higby, Manager of Solution Engineering for Partners for PayPal.

B2B Features

With B2B ecommerce on the rise, Magento’s B2B feature provides a more out-of-the-box solution.

Business to Business commerce was a big topic at Magento Imagine 2017. It’s a growing segment in the ecommerce space, and as a result, Magento is releasing a new feature — Magento B2B. This is designed to provide merchants with a more out-of-the-box solution that is tailored to the specific need of B2B commerce clients. In addition to the product launch, there were a number of tracks focusing on the B2B market, including Translating B2C Success to B2B, Making B2B ecommerce Work for You, B2B eCommerce Best Practices – A Conversation with Magento Merchants and Solution Partners, and a case study highlighting a B2B success on the Magento platform, From $0 to $1.25 Billion: How to Transform your B2B Business. All of this focus points to the upcoming release of Magento B2B that will include a number of features both businesses and solution providers are anxiously awaiting.

Now in its seventh year, Magento’s Imagine conference continues to expand, building on the success of the platform and responding to the community by focusing on features that are important to customers.

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