LinkedIn has finally joined the rest of its social platform peers when it comes to native video, announcing that it will soon allow users to upload videos natively using the LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn has announced that it will soon allow users to upload videos natively using the LinkedIn mobile app.

For the first time, users will be able to use the in-app camera or their phone’s camera roll to take and upload video to LinkedIn—a major change from previously when videos had to have first been uploaded to YouTube.

This is a major platform change that could shape the way that we think about LinkedIn content in the future. Why? Because the LinkedIn is supporting the new capability with features it does well. Let’s take a look at what this means for the LinkedIn’s status as a social channel.

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One of the biggest benefits of the new native video option is the analytics that support it. Along with the normal stats, LinkedIn will provide a high-level look at some of your viewers’ companies and job titles, giving you insights into who you’re engaging with, which could potentially be used for more effective selling and networking.

User Engagement

Videos can last up to 10 minutes (LinkedIn recommends videos within a range of 30 seconds to five minutes).

As the Business Insider article points out, LinkedIn has long struggled with a lack of engagement, as users spend just two minutes a day on the site, compared to 50 minutes for Facebook. This new feature should keep users on the site longer than they currently are, but this is just a piece of the puzzle for the platform to gain traction on the other social channels.

Native video in itself will make an impact, but the format will matter. Users’ ability to capture interest and include strong calls to action will be crucial components to having these videos register higher engagement.

What Will This Mean for Brands?

We wouldn’t be surprised to see an influx of net new video content—LinkedIn-specific content and not those repurposed from another social network—in the first six months of this feature being rolled out.

Other tactics we could see brands utilizing now that native video is available:

Ad Revenue — LinkedIn will likely use this feature to serve video ads, and perhaps shift its algorithm to serve videos more frequently as we’ve seen with Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn could likely serve video ads, and perhaps shift its algorithm to serve videos more frequently.

Influencers — Right now, most of the platform’s influencers are business-focused thought leaders (think Gary Vaynerchuk). We don’t see this changing much, but this should change the way they communicate their messages. We could also see native video allowing new influencers to emerge on the platform.

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What do you think about native video in LinkedIn? Will this addition prompt you to stay on the platform more per week? Let us know in the comments below.

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