Chances are you watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, and chances are you stuck around your couch between quarters and timeouts to catch the commercials. If so, you weren’t alone, which is why the prices for 30 seconds of national TV advertising have skyrocketed.

To avoid paying the hefty price for exposure, many brands took to social media to get the word out during one of the year’s biggest events. Leading the charge was the highly touted Newcastle Band of Brands Super Bowl campaign in which a group of brands came together to advertise as one for the big game.

Upon seeing the release of the Band of Brands campaign idea, DEG helped coordinate with Droga5 to get it’s client, Lee Jeans, into the campaign. These efforts involved photo and copy coordination for the video and corresponding social media messaging. Along with a strong series of social media posts, Lee was also featured in the “national ad” that Newcastle ran in Palm Springs California during the big game.

Newcastle Band of Brands

With Newcastle unable to run a national TV ad during the Super Bowl, due to the NFL’s partnership with Budweiser, this unique and innovative campaign was formulated to create buzz before and during the game by bringing brands, like Lee Jeans and others, together to build a mega ad.


A quick snippet from the January 27th press release will give you a quick insight into their creative initiative:

Rather than individually blowing a CEO’s salary on 30 seconds of television advertising, Newcastle called on fellow brands to join forces and make the smartest financial decision possible: to collaborate on the world’s first crowd funded ad for this weekend’s Mega Huge American Football Game!  

Since the video and corresponding marketing pieces were released, the support has been staggering. Here are some quick numbers:

  • 209 MM social media impressions (paid and earned)
  • 18.2 MM video views
  • 7.9K mentions of #BandofBrands

Clearly the Band of Brands campaign hit the sweet spot with the consumer who didn’t seem overly impressed with the ads that aired during the big game. Lee Jeans is excited to be a part of the #BandofBrands!

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