Considering the ease online shopping offers us, as well as the seemingly endless options available via online merchants, many of us will choose to purchase holiday gifts through the magic and convenience of the Internet. What these purchases usually also do is subscribe the buyer to the seller’s email communications, thus many online companies will have numerous gifts for themselves this holiday season in the form of new subscribers.

Xmas time


This leaves companies with fantastic opportunities to connect with new people, some of whom they might not have had the chance before. But, how do companies keep these subscribers engaged past the holiday season, especially if they purchased a gift and aren’t otherwise interested in the brand?

Here are a few tips to make the experience a good one for your newly acquired email audience.

Treat These Customers As A Special Segment

During the holiday season (or even all year long), ask the customer whether his or her purchase is a gift for someone else. For those who note their purchase is a gift, place them into a special segment of your list. Then, speak to that group a little differently. Use this opportunity to educate this new audience about your brand, but don’t overdo the communications. Providing small amounts of relevant, or at least interesting, information can be a great experience for this new segment.

Change Your Welcome Email

During the holiday season, consider adding a festive touch by modifying your traditional welcome email. You might include a gift-giving guide or helpful information about your brand in this email, as many of its recipients are likely giving your product as a gift.

Use A Survey 

Acquiring additional information from these new subscribers will allow you to deepen the connection with them. It will also provide great insight into who will be a quality subscriber, and who really just made a one-time purchase from you. Using this information wisely, and in a timely manner, will allow you to monetize when you can without too much cost or other effort. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep these subscribers on their own list and market to them again next year.

Reward Survey Responses 

It’s always a great practice to thank those who take your survey, and this is especially important during the holidays. Consider sending these subscribers a generous offer with the hope that they will purchase something from you for themselves, or as another gift.

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