Is consistently working long hours week after week affecting the quality of your work? I’m sure for some of you the answer is “yes.” Long work weeks have started to become the norm, with the 40-hour work week going by the wayside. But smart companies know not to churn and burn their employees because they understand the true cost of turnover.


Recently, the job and recruiting website Glassdoor published a blog post detailing the “25 Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance,” based on a five-point-scale rating from its users. We’re happy to say that DEG employs nearly half of the positions on that list, including several for which we have recently hired. The jobs at DEG included on Glassdoor’s list are:

  • SEO Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Software QA Engineer
  • Web Designers
  • Content Manager
  • Software Developer
  • UI Developer

At DEG, we take pride in the fact that we have a very low turnover rate – much lower than the national and regional averages for our industry. How do we do it? One major contributing factor to our retention is that we believe in fostering a well-rounded work environment for all of our associates. In fact, that’s one of our core values.

DEG associates love what we do, and are always excited to work with motivated, bright, and passionate individuals to build and accomplish amazing work for our clients. We also like spending time with one another, both inside and outside the office. DEG’s Culture Club hosts regular company events, from chili cook-offs and game nights to team outings at Sporting Kansas City soccer matches.


Work-life balance must be engrained in the company’s culture, and it most certainly is at DEG. We believe our associates are at their happiest, and most effective, when they are able to experience life outside of the office.

Here are a few more ways DEG strives to promote a healthy work-life balance:

  • While DEG’s associates are busier during certain times of the year, we do everything we can to make sure that workloads are balanced, so people are able to do their best work for our clients. It is important to us that you are able to have dinner with your family on a regular basis, as we know there will be some times when that is a bit more difficult.
  • We have trust in our associates to manage their time and resources to produce the best work of their abilities. That’s why we have a flexible work schedule that allows our employees to take care of other duties within their lives that might come up, while still ensuring their work still gets done.
  • Parents are welcome to bring their kids into the office, or if your child is sick, we have a work-from-home policy that allows you to be productive and take care of your child.
  • With DEG’s PTO policy, you’ll never feel guilty about taking time off. We’re all unique here at DEG, and sometimes people would like to observe a day that is special to them but is not on the normal holiday schedule. Thus, DEG’s Cultural Diversity Day, offers employees an additional opportunity to celebrate their families’ traditions that are special to them.
  • We encourage travel, because we believe experiencing other cultures makes us more well-rounded people. We advocate that our associates use PTO to see the world, and offer several incentives aimed at assisting in their travels. DEG’s associate-of-the-month program provides people recognized by their peers with $100 to be spent outside of their home base, associates receive two plane tickets to anywhere in the continental United States on their five-year anniversary with the agency, while 10-year associates receive two plane tickets to anywhere in the world.
  • Our leadership and associates are front and center in the community, generously donating thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars participating in organizations that make a difference in our world. Our particular areas of focus have been cancer research, treatment, and survivorship; childhood development and education; and business and entrepreneurial expansion.
  • We are passionate about maximizing the potential of both our clients and our associates. We want to help our associates succeed in any way we can, which includes promoting continuous intellectual growth, exposure to emerging trends, and training. From our DEG U speaker series to our book club to hosting industry groups in our offices, DEG associates are encouraged to share their knowledge with others.

The perks don’t stop there, so check out our open positions on our Careers page to experience first-hand how you can achieve a work-life balance at DEG.

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