In our two previous social customer service blogs, “Why Social Customer Service? And Why Now?” and “How to Create a Social Customer Service Solution,” we discussed the trends driving the social conversations and platforms where social customer service takes place.

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Now, we’ll take a look at four actionable steps to initiate and grow a more formalized social customer service solution.

1. Start small and focused

  • Get organizational buy-in from key stakeholders in customer service, social media, and marketing.
  • Define and document your social brand persona and voice. Ensure it’s consistent with your brand and also relevant to the social channels.
  • Develop a social customer service strategy and plan that defines roles and responsibilities, processes, and guidelines.
  • Identify the primary channels your customers use. Practice social listening and use empathy when responding.
  • Expect transparent conversations to include criticism. Be prepared for it and known when to take it offline.

2. Grow and mature your program

  • Identify a tool for social customer care. The right platform can help automate and speed the resolution of cases and provide visibility into a wealth of customer data.
  • Be present and available in the channels your customers prefer to use.
  • Be responsive and acknowledge all sentiments—positive and critical—to make your customers feel heard.
  • Integrate social into your customer service organization as an important part of an omnichannel service strategy.

3. Exceed your customers’ expectations

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  • Practice active social listening and respond quickly and consistently. Use social listening to go beyond identifying brand mentions and to understand the people talking about your brand and how they are engaging with you.
  • Surprise and delight your customers by doing more than they expect.
  • Always be transparent in your conversations.

4. Own the space

  • Establish dedicated customer support channels within your social media platforms. This will help segment your social media marketing and customer service efforts.
  • Speak your customers’ language to make it easier to deliver your message.
  • Provide 24/7 support via social media.
  • Source and track customer feedback. Use the data and insights to adjust and fine tune your program.
  • At this stage, customer service enhances your customers’ overall brand experience.

Putting the strategy in social media

As consumers’ digital habits evolve, so do their usage of social media. Without an understanding of those trends, any social customer service solution can land flat when presented next to content that has a different voice or look and feel. That’s where social strategists make an impact.

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At DEG, our social media strategists have years of experience as early adopters within the now-major platforms to provide contextual business proposals for brands needing to adapt to meet consumers’ needs. With the right strategy, your brand can deliver relevant, impactful content at the right time with the right message to resonate in the right moment to drive action from your customers.

The complete guide to social customer service

Our latest complimentary ebook is available to download now. 4 Steps to Social Customer Service explores the importance of social customer care in building lasting customer-brand relationships and the top trends driving brands to create social customer service solutions. Get a copy to begin crafting your solution today.

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