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The New Ecommerce Baseline: Optimizing Your Program for the Future

We have established that the future of shopping is forever changed, and this is a very macro, all-encompassing statement. What does that look like in actuality? The complete answer would turn our latest ebook into the size of an actual book (not quite War and Peace, but you get the idea), but here are three major areas where brands must pivot to adjust with the changes of the industry.

The in-person/digital dynamic

For years, marketers have talked about the need to better connect the digital and in-store experiences for customers. Well, we are reaching the point of no return in that regard. Previously, brands had a certain contingent that solely shopped in stores and another that was solely online. The pandemic has caused not only previously in-store shoppers to move online, but it has also increased the percentage of shoppers who engage both online and in stores.

“The pandemic has caused not only those that were previously in-store shoppers to move online, but it has also increased the percentage of shoppers who engage both online and in stores.”

From a data and experience perspective, it has become abundantly clear to customers if your in-store and digital presences are not aligned. Consumers are engaging in more channels and devices than ever before, and rarely stick to one channel throughout the entirety of their journey. If the experience, messaging, and information does not translate experience, messaging, and information does not translate from one channel to another, they will leave for a brand that can meet those needs.

Luxury brands have an additional challenge with the in-store experience. Clienteling and making that in-person experience unique and memorable—think being greeted with a glass of champagne—has long been an important differentiator for luxury brands. Yet the decline in in-store foot traffic has forced luxury brands to find creative ways to offer these memorable experiences digitally.

The commoditization of CPG

If there were a list of marketing winners and losers over the past year, the trend of direct to consumer has to be near the top of the winners’ category. With retail partners no longer being as viable of an option as before, consumer goods brands have been forced to find ways to engage with consumers directly.

The challenges in going direct to consumer are not insignificant. Along with attempting to own the consumer relationship for the first time without disrupting retail partners, many essential goods brands are trying to understand how to commoditize their products. Meaning, how can brands generate larger, repeat purchases on a regular cadence? It’s not just in the messaging. Order fulfillment, shipping, and more have to be weighed to ensure it makes business sense. Speaking of…


Target saw a 200% increase in curbside pickup, BOPIS, and same-day delivery in Q3 2020 (Digital Commerce 360).

Maybe the most apt way to describe the evolution of commerce over the course of the past year is that what were once nice-to-have features moved quickly to should-have features and are now must-have features. This is especially true with areas of shipping and fulfillment.

Features like curbside pickup and buy online, pick up in store were launched quickly out of necessity and now will continue to be an expected aspect of a brand’s experience. Now that consumers have experienced the convenience of having products brought out to their car, they are not going to want to revert to the old ways of shopping. This has been true for Target, which saw a 200% increase in curbside pickup, BOPIS, and same-day delivery in Q3 2020 (Digital Commerce 360).

Optimizing ecommerce for your business

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