The continued rise of M&A activity is a common push for companies to redesign their intranet to be a more robust and social digital workplace.

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Post-merger integration activity increases the need for intuitive, social communications tools to be available within an enterprise and accessible across departments on a common platform to easily connect silos and a geographically spread workforce.

DEG designed an engaging and social intranet on SharePoint for client Penton Media, which featured DEG’s proprietary Fuse Message Center and people-centric web parts, allowing Penton to connect its employees post-merger.


The Ask

Penton, an information services company, required an updated, enterprise intranet to engage its employees. Like many companies in the current business landscape, Penton had acquired several companies in the past few years, causing a geographically and skills-dispersed workforce to abruptly emerge.

A big reason for implementing Penton’s new intranet, The Pulse, on a SharePoint platform was to facilitate the integration of the new company post-merger, while also encouraging the new, geographically spread employee base to connect in a familiar social and useful intranet.

Penton isn’t alone as a U.S. company dealing with mergers and acquisitions, as this trend is forecasted to continue to grow in 2015.

“We have acquired a lot of companies, so it was imperative to bring everyone under one roof,” said Jason Ford, Penton IT, when referencing the need for its new intranet.

The Answer

Penton partnered with DEG to redesign and implement a SharePoint intranet because the company wanted to use its previously purchased Microsoft SharePoint licenses. 

DEG extended SharePoint with its Fuse Message Center and people-centric web parts to make the platform feel more familiar and intuitive to use, leading Penton’s employees to visit and engage on The Pulse frequently.

To see more results and information, read the full case study to understand how partnering with DEG enabled Penton to use SharePoint as a common place for its employees to unite as one company.

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