The holiday and new year seasons should be a time to reap the rewards of the hard work you’ve done to build trust between your brand and its customers. But don’t get is wrong, you still need to win the customer over before that can happen. Give your customers a reason, or better yet multiple reasons, to choose you over a competitor this holiday season with exceptional, personalized experiences and incentives.

Look beyond cookie tracking

In order to create personal experience in a world where cookies are becoming more irrelevant due to data privacy, brands should adjust a data-driven approach to focus on behavior, attitude, and engagement data. Think of promotions and loyalty solutions as having a mutually beneficial relationship to identity. Promotions and loyalty programs fuel identity, which incentivizes and increases consumer interactions, and thereby continues to help you grow zero- and first-party data.

  • Focus on value exchange: To grow first-party data by collecting information from consumers, you need to give something to the consumer in return that has equal value to the data you’re gathering. This could be offering a discount, gamifying experiences, or entering them into a sweepstakes after completing a specific action.
  • Strengthen identity efforts: Zero-party data collected through digital promotion and loyalty experiences provides the preference, attitude, and sentiment data needed to deliver higher levels of satisfaction through more personalized moments in the customer journey. This data can also be used to help optimize audience targeting and media planning and buying.

Once you have a strategic plan for gathering consumer data, the next step is to determine how you can use that data to create experiences that build trust and create excitement for your customers.

Create memorable experiences

One way your brand will always stand out is by elevating the experience a customer has purchasing and using your product. The challenge is figuring out how to do this in a digital-first world. If a retailer can no longer offer personal shoppers or champagne while browsing, how can it still provide VIP experiences? Here are two ways to consider creating great digital experiences.

  • Incorporate an engagement hub into your pre-holiday strategies: An engagement hub is an interactive digital space where consumers engage with your brand by participating in various activities for ongoing chances to win. This falls under that reciprocal relationship we mentioned earlier with data and loyalty. An engagement hub lets you interact with customers and offer something of equal value to the data you’re collecting.
  • Add experience to delivery: The delivery may be the last point of contact you have with a customer before their next purchase. Brands need to drive customer delight and strengthen loyalty with each transaction, not only to create positive experiences but also avoid being overshadowed by a delivery partner looking to foster its own relationship with the customer. Utilize touchpoints your brand already has with the customer, such as push notifications and emails, to collect information or drive further engagement.

No matter what channel customers interact with a brand, each point in the customer journey is an opportunity to create meaningful experiences to win their loyalty.

What’s next

As you map out the commerce experience to your holiday customer journey, come with us a step further and download our 2021 Holiday preparation Playbook. You can also sign up to watch The Next Normal webinar, The Trends Driving Holiday 2021 Success, on demand. We’re here to walk your brand through the new holiday landscape and beyond.

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