You may still be recovering from the scramble of holiday shopping in quarantine, but that time of year has already come around once again. While brick-and-mortar stores will clearly have more foot traffic than last year, consumers continue to cling to the convenience of digital-first commerce. Rather than returning to pre-pandemic tactics, let’s talk about how to adjust your brand’s omnichannel approach for new customer expectations.

Winning over your audience 

The holiday season can be a make-or-break time for many brands, not just for end-of-year sales, but also for the momentum newly acquired customers bring into the new year. Win your customers over by building customer-first campaigns with these tips.

  • Seek quality over quantity: As we mentioned in last week’s data collection blog, narrowing your audience to provide more personalized content at the frequency they desire will score you a lot of valuable points with customers. It shows that you have insight into what they really need from your brand and are willing to help.
  • Ensure consistency and transparency: With so many digital options, it’s easy for customers to ditch your brand the moment an experience falls short. Be sure to maintain an excellent experience across all channels and provide transparency with order confirmations, deliveries notices, and other relevant updates.
  • Define micro-segments: Identify customers who need help finalizing their purchase or are on the fence about a product and help them along to the next step. This will make all the difference in your customer satisfaction and campaign performance.
  • Find the right messaging balance: Be mindful of how heavily your brand should focus on holiday messaging. Many consumers are still feeling the effects of COVID-19 on their budget, their health, and within their families.


Focusing your attention in the right direction 

As you look to create winning campaigns that wow your customers, don’t forget these three essential tips for your digital messaging and experience strategies.

  • Emphasize acquisition: Leverage your physical stores to help drive acquisition of your digital presence (mainly email and SMS subscriptions). Then, develop tactics to amplify the capturing of data and opting in of digital subscriptions and make sure the value exchange is clear and enticing.
  • Get your behavioral campaigns ready: Successful holiday campaigns require effective behavior and triggered emails to help customers move down the funnel. Start with the essentials, such as abandoned cart, abandoned browse, and post-purchase transaction emails.
  • Bolster your last-mile capabilities: When thousands of customers make purchases at the same time during the busiest season of the year, make sure you can support the influx of activity online and in your store.


What’s next

As you map out the digital messaging and experience to your holiday customer journey, come with us a step further as we talk about the keys to successful commerce campaigns in our next 2021 Holiday Preparation blog.

In the meantime, download our 2021 Holiday preparation Playbook and sign up to watch The Next Normal webinar, The Trends Driving Holiday 2021 Success on demand. We’re here to walk your brand through the new holiday landscape and beyond.

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